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Friday Face-Off – 27th July – A Cover That Is Steampunk #FridayFaceOff #BookArt #Blogging #Books #CoverDesign

Friday Face-Off

The Friday Face-Off is a meme created by Books by Proxy with a current list of themes to be found over at Lynn’s Books. This book meme is an opportunity to compare the covers of a certain title that connect to a weekly theme. I saw this over at The Tattooed Book Geek, If by chance you are not aware of his blog then please do pop over their and give Drew a follow, his blog is very much worth your time. Enjoy this week’s theme and let me know which cover design you prefer and why! Also make sure you join in next week!

This Weeks Theme Is

27th July – “I saw huge buildings rise up faint and fair, and pass like dreams.” – a cover that is steampunk

Book One


Book Two


Book Three




The Infernal Devices steampunk series is one I have had an eye on for a long time. The collection had an really cool re-issue in 2017 and I love these covers. Perfect for a face-off. These designs are both simple yet fantastically intricate. I have chosen Fiendish Schemes because I love the weaponry and architecture combination. I think I am going to have to buy this series for my collection because they look so good. Do you agree with my choice? What is your favourite steampunk cover? Have you read the Infernal Devices series? Let me know!

Thank you for coming by to check out another Friday Face-off here on ATIB. I am loving these posts because it is an opportunity to celebrate cover art which as most people will know is one of my favourite hobbies. Come back again next week for a post centred around covers with star based theme (I originally mentioned masks, sorry about that), should be a good one! If you have the time then you need to have a go at these posts, it is a lot of fun 😀


4 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off – 27th July – A Cover That Is Steampunk #FridayFaceOff #BookArt #Blogging #Books #CoverDesign

  1. Haha – Drew chose the first book in the series I really like his cover but I thought the white/red design was really good too so I completely love that you’ve highlight the full series. It’s just really simple but effective.
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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