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WWW Wednesday: 12th May 2021 #wwwwednesday #bookblog #amreading #booklove #sharing

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This book meme was initially created by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived by Taking on a World of Words. There are three Ws to answer in each post. What are you currently reading?, what did you recently finish reading? and what do you think you’ll read next? Please feel free to join me in the comments below to discuss your three Ws too!

I have had some outstanding book mail this week and I am taking full advantage of the situation. Thank you to everyone who sent books to me, I should really do a post about them all! I am here today to talk about three awesome books in particular, a decent variety this time instead of the usual fantasy overload. I am reading as fast as life will let me but Master Artificer is sitting at nearly 900 pages so I am not getting my hopes up for a serious impact on my TBR for May 2021. We will see. Thanks as always for stopping by to check out what I am up to and I hope you enjoy the post.

What Are You Currently Reading?


Synopsis: Annev has avoided one fate. But a darker path may still claim him . . .

After surviving the destruction of Chaenbalu, new mysteries and greater threats await Annev and his friends in the capital city of Luqura. As they navigate the city’s perilous streets, Annev searches for a way to control his nascent magic and remove the cursed artifact now fused to his body.

But what might removing it cost him?

As Annev grapples with his magic, Fyn joins forces with old enemies and new allies, waging a secret war against Luqura’s corrupt guilds in the hopes of forging his own criminal empire. Deep in the Brakewood, Myjun is learning new skills of her own as apprentice to Oyru, the shadow assassin who attacked the village of Chaenbalu – but the power of revenge comes at a daunting price. And back in Chaenbalu itself, left for dead in the Academy’s ruins, Kenton seeks salvation in the only place he can: the power hoarded in the Vault of Damnation…

My Thoughts: Firstly the cover art for Master Articifer doesn’t do the real thing any justice by the way. It is a truly stunning book that will stand proud upon my bookshelf for years to come. It is an absolute tank of a book and the timing of it’s arrival couldn’t be more perfect. I was obsessed with Master Of Sorrows and was constantly checking the horizon for a follow-up. I had given up and then out of nowhere, here we are!

Master Artificer is going well so far! It has been mostly been catch up with the main characters and setting them up for the journey ahead. Kenton’s is by far the most creepy/cool/awesome (the whole eyelids thing made me want to chunder quite a bit) but Annev’s Hand Of Keos comes a close second (there is so much potential in this story arc). The start of Myjun’s narrative here is a bit choppy, her having to prove herself to Oyru was a bit irksome but it’s beginning to develop into a cool plot line.

What I love is that JC is doubling down (maybe even tripling down) on detail. Master Artificer is heavy with world building, magicsplaining and hefty amounts of fantasy goodness. I feel like I am meant to be overwhelmed but JC’s passion is so apparent that the books potential feels just as exciting as Master Of Sorrows did. God I hope it is as good as that! I’ll let you know!

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?


Synopsis: Many millennia after the fall of Eden, Adam, the first man in creation, still walks the Earth – exhausted by the endless death and destruction, he is a shadow of his former hope and glory. And he is not the only one. The Garden was deconstructed, its pieces scattered across the world and its inhabitants condemned to live out immortal lives, hiding in plain sight from generations of mankind.

But now pieces of the Garden are turning up on the Earth. After centuries of loneliness, Adam, haunted by the golden time at the beginning of Creation, is determined to save the pieces of his long lost home. With the help of Eden’s undying exiles, he must stop Eden becoming the plaything of mankind.

Adam journeys across America and the British Isles with Magpie, Owl, and other animals, gathering the scattered pieces of Paradise. As the country floods once more, Adam must risk it all to rescue his friends and his home – because rebuilding the Garden might be the key to rebuilding his life.

My Thoughts: It has been so long since I got the chance to read a book that is so perfectly balanced between beauty and savagery. That kind of book that stuns you with its perception of the nature of the world and chills you with its violence and distorted humanity. Birds Of Paradise met this requirement tenfold and I had such a great time with this novel. You might be a bit ‘biblical story… ewww/yawn/forget about it’ as I was but Oliver K. Langmead’s vision of Adam in the modern day, assisted by his animals of Eden was phenomenal and I was completely absorbed. Mainly by the distracting wonder that pulls Adam towards the nature around him and away from everything else. It is so satisfying to experience Adam’s love of nature, the way he drops everything to bask it is wonder.

The story reads like mythological fantasy infused with dark thrills above all else. There are biblical references but they are more like stepping stones to a broader tale rather than baked into the structure of the narrative. Birds Of Paradise is mainly focused on depicting Adam’s experience of the modern world. This story is also incredibly violent and unforgiving to those who mean to capture Eden’s glory for themselves. As I said it is a spectacular balance between chilling darkness and warming light. My favourite aspect has to be Adam’s animal companions. I loved that OKL managed to fit so many in in organic ways that were meaningful to the story. Owl, Butterfly and Crab were the stars of the show for me. A great idea executed impressively. Highly recommended!

What Do You Think You’ll Read Next?


Synopsis: A family returns to their hometown – and to the dark past that haunts them still – in this masterpiece of literary horror by the New York Times bestselling author of Wanderers

When Nate’s father dies, he leaves behind a final gift for his son: his childhood home. Married now, Nate decides to move in with his wife, Maddie, and their son, Oliver, seeking peace from the chaos of the city.

But it doesn’t take long before things get strange in the night and even stranger by day.

Because Nate was a child being abused by his father, and has never told his family. Because Maddie was a little girl who saw something she shouldn’t have. Because something sinister, something hungry, walks in the tunnels and the mountains and the coal mines of this town in rural Pennsylvania…

And now, what happened all those years ago is happening again, and this time, it is happening to Oliver. When he meets a strange boy with secrets of his own and a taste for dark magic, he has no idea that what comes next will put his family at the heart of a battle of good versus evil.

My Thoughts: Chuck Wendig is one of my all time favourites. When I received a copy of his latest read from Penguin (a lovely surprise) I had to put it at the top of my reading list. I am slightly concerned about how overly familiar most aspects of the plot seem. But knowing CW from his past works, his ability to craft his awesome ideas into addictive fiction, I am incredibly delighted to have the opportunity to review The Book Of Accidents, I am sure it is going to be as awesome as it sounds.

Thank you for supporting my blog with your visit! I am having a great year for books (not much else unfortunately) and they keep coming which is awesome. I will continue to do my best to keep my recommendations (and warnings) consistent, along with new reviews and interviews. I would also love to hear what everyone else is reading too, it’s not all about me. It’s about the books! Let me know what reads are keeping you blissfully distracted from reality right now, I can always do with more :D.


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