Review Policy

First of all thank you so much for visiting Always Trust In Books!

I adore books so I created this blog to talk about them as much as possible so I am doing all I can to REVIEW, SHARE and PROMOTE all your amazing material.

Here are just a few guidelines here to clarify the dynamics of the website we run here:

Review Requests – I only accept physical copies or MOBI files at this moment. I will deal with book requests on a book by book basis. This means I require one email per book review request.

**There is currently a 6 month+ waiting list for review on this site! Demand was higher than expected!! Please still get in touch to arrange an interview or guest post as I am always happy to promote new releases!

Current Staff – At this time there is only me (Stuart) reviewing material for all of our awesome followers. This means that the time frame for posting reviews is somewhat affected but I will always do my best to review all the material I receive.

Review Content – Always Trust In Books is a diverse website but we have our limits. I accept Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, Horror, Law, Classic, Thriller and Non-Fiction titles.

**Any other material we will happily share with our readers or recommend other reviewers who would be more suited to your material.

Review Posting – I currently post reviews on Always Trust In Books, Bookbridgr, Goodreads and both Amazon UK and US. I also share the reviews across my social media websites (Twitter, Facebook etc). Please advise me on other places you want the review posting and where you don’t want the review posted if that is the case. I traditionally post Monday through to Friday but that is not always possible.

Review Style – I am always completely honest when reviewing material. I outline each book I cover, summarise the plot or field of study and provide a thorough review of the material. I also give each piece a mark out of 5. I use the 5 star system because I feel it suits my blog and give the reader an idea of the tone of the review. Here is an overview of each rating.

DNF – Did Not Finish

1/5 – Not Good, was unable to appreciate the book in any way.

2/5 – Questionable, possibility of potential but bad writing or execution.

3/5 – Half decent, finished the book comfortably but was not overly passionate about the book overall.

4/5 – Quality writing and plot. Thought the book had a lot of potential and was worth reading.

5/5 – Complete success. Enjoyed all the elements of the book with no reservations about the content. Made me excited, on edge or felt important and/or meaningful.

0.5 – I add a .5 if I believe that a book has elements that add to the enjoyment of the book. Elements that could have possibly raised it up to the next rating.

Author Interviews – I am always interested in interviewing authors, bloggers and publishers about books old and new. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Blog Tours – I am constantly looking to increase my blogging capabilities so I am interested in participating in as many blog tours as possible. I can do Book Extract posts, Interviews, Features and Guest Posts. If you need other types of posts then please be clear with the details of what you expect from my blog.

Anything Else – If you can include as much information for your books in the request email that would be greatly appreciate. A link to your website or where my readers can buy your book would speed up the process no end. I am here to help, please contact me with anything that may help you out or provide my readers with great material they can enjoy!

Contact – everyone can get in contact with me with this email (excuse the layout):

www (dot) stuartsimpson1990 (@)