Privacy Policy

As a book blogger I am very aware about how important it is to safeguard information. Due to the change in Privacy Law brought in with the General Data Protection Regulation implemented on the 25th of May 2018, I am now sharing details about any information gathered on Always Trust In Books is being handled.

Being an independent and casual blogger means I don’t use many of the data gathering tools that enable bigger sites to gather huge quantities of information. I don’t use contact forms or advertisements and my site’s privacy settings doesn’t allow visitor information to be shared with other sites. I do not have any control over the presence of Word Ads on my page and any data gathered by clicking on them doesn’t involve my blog. I don’t blog for monetary gain, just as a enjoyable hobby to talk about books as much as I can so my focus is on content not on sharing details of my readers.

I do use a few a few tools that allow me to interact with visitors including comments so details about information collected via those means are shared below. As part of, certain information is collected and stored during your visit as you interact with this blog. When commenting on any post or page the following information is collected and stored:

  • commenter’s name.
  • email address.
  • site URL (if provided to the comment form).
  • submission date/time.
  • IP address.

If you decide to comment on any post or page while logged into and using a WordPress account or social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) then your user ID on that account as well as the website URL (if available) will also be collected.

This blog has Akismet anti-spam enabled by WordPress and the following is sent directly to Akismet for the sole purpose of spam checking:

  • commenter’s name.
  • email address.
  • your website URL.
  • IP address.

When signing up to follow this blog your WordPress ID and/or email is collected and stored. Following the blog will send you regular emails when new posts are released on this blog. You will not receive any other emails except these and are free to cancel these emails at any time.

When commenting on this blog the name of the person leaving the comment, the email address, and site URL (if provided) are stored in cookies. This site has cookies enabled by default. For more information on this and how to control cookie usage click Here.

This blog is hosted on the free service which provides general information of all users country location as well as which links are clicked and any search terms which may be used while looking on the website or entering the website via certain search engines. This information is not linked to a personal ID/ IP address though and only provides the general details of where blog users come from and which posts/pages have been viewed.

Data Syncing is enabled on this site which means that a shadow version of this blog is saved onto the servers. As well as including all of my own blog posts and pages this also includes all the information. Please note that I am not responsible for this synced version of data. If you want more information on this and hosted blogs click Here.

I hope this privacy policy is detailed enough for you and if you have any questions or concerns about how I handle information on my blog then please get in touch via the email address on my Review Policy page.

Any information that you provide when contacting me via comments or personal emails will not be shared with any third parties. I am not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other Web sites or media without our permission. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.