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The Relic Guild Trilogy by Edward Cox (Q&A) @gollancz @EdwardCox10 #TheGuildTrilogy #EdwardCox #Gollancz #TheWatcherOfDeadTime #TheRelicGuild #TheCathedralOfKnowThings #Fantasy

Q&A With Edward Cox Greetings everyone and welcome to my Q&A session with the exceptional fantasy author Edward Cox. Edward caught me off guard with his complex and intricate yet entertaining story-lines that explores some great characters. The set is now complete so I took that chance to ask Edward to tell us a little… Continue reading The Relic Guild Trilogy by Edward Cox (Q&A) @gollancz @EdwardCox10 #TheGuildTrilogy #EdwardCox #Gollancz #TheWatcherOfDeadTime #TheRelicGuild #TheCathedralOfKnowThings #Fantasy