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Blogger Grumblings Vol 2 #grumbling #petpeeves #issues #firstworldproblems #blogging #bloggers #authors #parttwo

I'm back with another grumble post! Another collection of mostly personal and technological criticisms that will hopefully help me get a grip and right the ship. I am quite a critical person most of the time so these posts are good for me to let off some steam. I really connected with other bloggers in… Continue reading Blogger Grumblings Vol 2 #grumbling #petpeeves #issues #firstworldproblems #blogging #bloggers #authors #parttwo

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It’s Not Always Depression by Hilary Jacobs Hendel (Book Review) @HilaryJHendel @PenguinUKBooks ‏#NonFictionNovember #ItsNotAlwaysDepression #PenguinBooks

This book was sent to me by Penguin Life in exchange for my honest opinion. 08.02.2018 / Penguin Life / Non Fiction / Hardback / 320pp / 978-0241976388 Target Audience: Readers who want a better understanding of emotions and how repressing or ignoring emotional impulses have serious ramifications. Those who enjoy a good self-help book.… Continue reading It’s Not Always Depression by Hilary Jacobs Hendel (Book Review) @HilaryJHendel @PenguinUKBooks ‏#NonFictionNovember #ItsNotAlwaysDepression #PenguinBooks

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How Often Should You Be Posting On Your Blog? (Discussion + Advice) #Discussion #Posting #Advice #Blogging #Content #Sharing

Greetings! Welcome to yet another advice and discussion post here on Always Trust In Books. I have been considering the quality over quantity debate over the last few weeks. Is it worth spend time drafting enough posts to get one out each day or even multiple? Or to focus on several more solid pieces over… Continue reading How Often Should You Be Posting On Your Blog? (Discussion + Advice) #Discussion #Posting #Advice #Blogging #Content #Sharing

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Supporting Other Bloggers (Discussion + Advice) #Discussion #Advice #Topic #Commenting #Sharing #SocialMedia #Blogging #Support

Good morning and welcome to another discussion and advice post here on ATIB. I have been thinking a lot lately about how much help I got on my journey to becoming a book blogger whether it be advice, sharing my reviews on social media or recommending me to a publisher for a review copy. I… Continue reading Supporting Other Bloggers (Discussion + Advice) #Discussion #Advice #Topic #Commenting #Sharing #SocialMedia #Blogging #Support

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DNF (Did Not Finish) (Discussion + Advice) #Reviewers #Reading #Constructive #Discussion #Sharing #Books

Good morning everyone and welcome to another advice & discussion post. This post is mainly for advice for myself instead of others but if talking it out can assist others in making their minds up about finishing or giving up a book then that would be excellent. I am terrible at DNFing, terrible! I usually… Continue reading DNF (Did Not Finish) (Discussion + Advice) #Reviewers #Reading #Constructive #Discussion #Sharing #Books

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Motivation Monday – Tips For Dealing With A Reading Slump #BookProblems #TakeABreak #TrySomethingNew #MondayMotivation

Happy Monday morning to you all. It is harder to self-motivate on a Monday so I thought I would do all the hard-work for you and approach the very stubborn ailment that is a Reading Slump. I am going to share a few tips and tricks to overcome the crippling sense of Meh! that accompanies… Continue reading Motivation Monday – Tips For Dealing With A Reading Slump #BookProblems #TakeABreak #TrySomethingNew #MondayMotivation

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Negativity In Reviews (Discussion + Advice) #Reviewers #BeHonest #Constructive #Discussion #Sharing

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blogger discussion piece here on Always Trust In Books. Me! Trying to give help and advice! I know how it sounds but I know everyone struggles with negativity in the blogging business at one time or another. If you don't then lucky you but it will arise eventually… Continue reading Negativity In Reviews (Discussion + Advice) #Reviewers #BeHonest #Constructive #Discussion #Sharing