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Last Ten Books Tag #booktag #amreading

Welcome to another of my attempts at a book tag. I saw the Last Ten Books Tag over at Literary Elephant and thought it was worth a try for myself. These questions seemed equally straight-forward and satisfying which is perfect for me. I hope you enjoy the post and please have a go yourself and share the link with me in the comments!

Last Book I Gave Up On


I am not completely sure what stopped me from reading The Library Of The Unwritten but I only got few chapters in. Looking back I think the premise for the story is really cool (hero escaping a book in hell and wreaking havoc on earth) and I must have just been in the wrong mindset (in other words, thinking about another book) and gave up too easily. Now I have the sequel on my kindle I think it might be time to give this another go!

Last Book I Re-Read


Surprise, surprise. We all knew that Kings Of The Wyld would appear on yet another book tag. It is almost a tradition at this point. I reckon I’ll probably re-read this book every year till the end of my days. I have recently lent it to out to a whole bunch of people who also agree Kings Of The Wyld is an absolutely brilliant and unforgettable read. Anyone who hasn’t already picked this up needs to do so immediately.

Last Book I Bought


I was so excited to pick this up when I found out there was a sequel to Camino Island. Grisham hasn’t done me wrong yet (we don’t mention the cringefest that is Skipping Christmas). I have only reached the part where the storm Leo is about to hit Camino Island and people are deciding to stay or go. Bruce’s books are safe so that’s a relief! I know this is a murder-mystery covered up by the storm (fairly classic plot line) and I am ready to see what Grisham is up to.

Last Book I Said I Read But Didn’t


©Graffiti Church

I don’t think I’ve ever claimed to have read a book that I haven’t actually picked up. Is that common? Am I just as boring as I thought I was? Most likely. I personally don’t see a benefit to this arrangement but like I said I am boring so I wouldn’t.

Last Book I Wrote In The Margins Of


Another example of something I don’t do. I would say I did this in my college/university textbooks but that is about it. I don’t tend to do anything to compromise my books. I don’t write on them, fold the pages or break the spine. I am not a rebel. Someone who borrowed one of my favourite books broke the spine of it and I don’t think I’ll ever let it go. Uptight much??

Last Book I Had Signed


I met Matt Haig at my local Waterstones and got the opportunity to ask him some awesome, and probably annoying, questions. I had also posted my review for the book that day and he said he had read it that day. There is a chance he was just being nice but I’ll take it anyway!

Last Book I Lost


I cannot remember what is was called. It was a fantasy western type deal that I had bought because I had been called up for jury service and I needed something to do in the long waits between court appearances. I left it on top of the locker in the jury room and when we were dismissed I forgot it was there. It might even still there 8 years later. I hope someone read it at least.

Last Book I Had To Replace


I have had to replace this novel twice already and I am probably looking at a third at this rate. So many people have borrowed this book from me and have either failed to return it (probably stolen as it is so good) or have taken forever to get it back to me. When I finally get it back, or get a new copy, it will never be leaving my house.

Last Book I Argued Over


I am drawing another blank because I don’t tend to argue over books either. I disagree with other people’s opinions on books but I can accept that their view on the matter. I argue with my wife about books because she won’t read any books I recommend even though they are awesome. Even Lost Boy! That is my pinnacle for prequel and/or reimaging gold right there. You’ll all read it, won’t you?

Last Book I Couldn’t Find


This still gets to me. I have every other Matt Wesolowski book on my bookshelf but I have misplaced Hydra and I think I’m in denial about how truly lost it actually is. I may have to purchase another copy as it bothers me so much every time I look at that shelf. Is that normal?

Thank you so much for checking out my attempt at the Last Ten Books tag. I won’t tag anyone specifically but please feel free to give it a go yourself and tag me in it so I can share it around. This was a decent tag and I am always looking for more so can someone recommend me another to do?


9 thoughts on “Last Ten Books Tag #booktag #amreading

      1. 😀 I’ve got a few on the go at the moment, as usual but one book I’m particularly enjoying is an ARC of From Spare Oom to Ward Robe: Travels in Narnia with My Nine-year-old Self by Katherine Langrish. I love the Narnia books and this is delightful. It was a Read Now on Netgalley the other day, if you’re interested.

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