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*GIVEAWAY* UK ONLY The Ghost Tree by Christina Henry @titanbooks #theghosttree #titanbooks #giveaway #bookblog #christinahenry #haunting #fiction #supernatural


08.09.20 / Titan Books / Supernatural / Paperback / 512pp / 978-1785659799

About The Ghost Tree

When the bodies of two girls are found torn apart in her hometown, Lauren is surprised, but she also expects that the police won’t find the killer. After all, the year before her father’s body was found with his heart missing, and since then everyone has moved on. Even her best friend, Miranda, has become more interested in boys than in spending time at the old ghost tree, the way they used to when they were kids.

So when Lauren has a vision of a monster dragging the remains of the girls through the woods, she knows she can’t just do nothing. Not like the rest of her town. But as she draws closer to answers, she realizes that the foundation of her seemingly normal town might be rotten at the centre. And that if nobody else stands for the missing, she will.

Pick up a copy here: Titan Books / Amazon UK / Amazon US / Goodreads


Welcome to another giveaway here on Always Trust In Books. I said there would be another! Christina Henry is easily one of my all time favourite authors. I actually picked up Lost Boy as one of my first proper reviews on this blog. Christina does some of the best re-imagined and inspired stories out there and I have been blown away by her work time and again.

The Ghost Tree is CH’s latest novel and I have a copy that I would like to share! All you need to do is suggest a possible classic novel or story that you would like to see re-imagined in the future in the comments section below.

The giveaway is UK Only and I will be picking a winner on Wednesday 21st October after 5pm and announcing the news at 9am Thursday 22nd. Good Luck everyone!

About Christina Henry

Christina Henry is a horror and dark fantasy author whose works include The Ghost Tree, Looking Glass, The Girl in Red, The Mermaid, Lost Boy, Alice, and Red Queen.

She enjoys running long distances, reading anything she can get her hands on and watching movies with samurai, zombies and/​or subtitles in her spare time. She lives in Chicago with her husband and son.

Website / Twitter / FacebookGoodreads / Instagram


44 thoughts on “*GIVEAWAY* UK ONLY The Ghost Tree by Christina Henry @titanbooks #theghosttree #titanbooks #giveaway #bookblog #christinahenry #haunting #fiction #supernatural

  1. I’d love to read a re-imagined Pinocchio – it has some really dark narratives even in the original so I imagine it would be a fun one to look at!

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    1. Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for entering the giveaway! I picked a name from a hat and it was you 😀. Congratulations. Please DM me on Twitter or Instagram to give me your postal address so I can send you out your copy of The Ghost Tree.


  2. My favourite book series was a similar construct, classic stories but with sci-fi twists… pride and prejudice and zombies, sense and sensibility and sea monsters! Lol

    I think Grimm fairy tales in modern times would be spooky and cool?

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  3. Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ set in The White House with a personal assistant who is obsessed with the former First Lady and makes the new one’s life a misery.

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