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Book To Film Adaptation Wish List #makethefilm #booksIlove #epicimagery #book #film #adaptation #wishlist #bigscreen

Welcome to my version of the fairly classic blog post, book to film adaptations I would love to see right away! I know this post has been done to death but I thought I would give it a go because more and more classic books are getting made into films. I have hopes that some of these amazing books might get meaningful adaptation in the future! I would settle for a Kings Of The Wyld movie if that is on the table? There is a great variety here so I might get lucky. So here it is! My wish list for the movie makeover. Please enjoy! Are there any books you agree (or disagree) with on this list? What book would you add to the list? What is your favourite adaptation so far (mine is I.T 2017)? Are there any movie to book adaptations you would highly recommend?

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig (Well the whole series really)

Miriam Black is one of my favourite female central characters of all time. She has the power to foresee death in anyone she touches. Knowing the when and the how of an individuals death has its advantages and disadvantages of which Miriam explores both in this highly addictive yet haunting trilogy. The series takes MB to many dark places and her connection to death is stretched as far it can in her travels. I would love to see this story translated to the big screen. The characters, the visuals and the essence would easily transfer and I think now would be the perfect time for its arrival. I know there was (or is?) a TV show in the works but I don’t think anything has come of it so far. If they went big on this project then they would blow many minds in the process!

Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes


This was a solid psychological thriller novel set in the gorgeously dangerous (and very real) location of Hell Bay in the Scilly Isles (South of Ireland, Southewest of England). Filming this movie would be adventurous enough by itself but with the added bonus of a fantastic narrative. Match made in heaven!

Lost Boy/The Mermaid by Christina Henry

These books are phenomenal. They deserve to be celebrated in style. Especially Lost Boy which blew me away and made me a Christina Henry fan for life. I don’t want to ruin these books for you if you haven’t read them but CH likes to enrich classic fairy tale/folklore narratives and creatures. From Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland to Red-Riding Hood and beyond. And she has the perfect eye for it. Check these books out now if you haven’t had the chance!

Kings Of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames


Does this really need an explanation? If you haven’t read Kings Of The Wyld by now then you need to throw away all your books and start again from here. I’m joking of course but only just. This book is fantasy, camaraderie, nostalgia, adventure, action, rich story-telling and infinite badassery all rolled into one. With a follow up like Bloody Rose and a still untitled third novel to be announced, released and in my face as soon as possible; there is plenty of potential for a series of movies!

Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft


Where do I start with this book. Those of you who have also read Senlin Ascends, you’ll agree that would be f***ing expensive to turn this into a film. The subsequent volumes too. But… Game Of Thrones is just about to end and there is a space that will need filling by HBO. I would agree to a phenomenal new TV show centred around Tom Senlin and his journey up the Tower Of Babel. Just saying…

The Humans by Matt Haig

Another novel that should be compulsory reading for blogger and book lovers alike. This book is so funny, charming and real that it would be an absolute shame not to give it a wider audience. The Humans is a fantastic view point on the beauties and inconsistencies (to put it lightly) of human nature and I have re-read it multiple times when I feel like I am losing my handle on things in my life. This would be the ultimate feel good film!

The City Of Lost Fortunes by Bryan Camp


I have seen how well American Gods has translated to TV so I thought why the hell wouldn’t The City Of Lost Fortunes be great too. If you like American Gods in any way then you’ll love this book. If you didn’t get on with American Gods because you thought it was too serious or badly paced then you’ll love this book. TCOLF is similar in many ways to AG but it has more charm, more mystery and an absolutely stunning connection to real life that made the book mean something to the reader. I would pay good money to see this dressed up for the movies!

Blackwing by Ed McDonald (The whole series again…)

I feel like I am pointing out the obvious by now. If you read this blog then it is very likely you have read Blackwing and Ravencry. If you haven’t then…. well… welcome! You should read Blackwing and Ravencry by Ed McDonald as they are fierce, bold and superbly imaginative fantasy epics that will melt your minds (yes its that good). I can’t get enough of the narrative that EM has laid before us and to see a cinematic representation of Galharrow’s journey into Misery and his defence against the Deep Kings would melt my mind all over again.

The Cthulhu Casebooks by James Lovegrove


I thought a lot of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch. I think this series with its HP Lovecraft influences would make a phenomenal addition to the onscreen presence of the greatest consulting detective of all time. If anything it would be cool just to see someone attempt to harness the unbelievable visuals that reside within this book.

Runemarks by Joanne M. Harris


Joanne M. Harris is one of the reasons I started blogging. Her work is as stunning as it is cool, complex and fantastical. JHM’s work with mythology is easily the best I have ever seen (sorry Gaiman). I know we have our fill of Norse legends through Marvel but maybe its time to see a new interpretation on our screens. One that is more rooted in the original ‘glam’orous tales. Give me a eight legged horse named Sleipnir that is so fast it can jump between the nine realms and you can take my money!

The Real-Town Murders by Adam Roberts


Adam Roberts has one of those minds. He is an outside the box kind of writer and I am thoroughly enjoying his latest near-future detective series. It deals with so many impending and relevant themes that it would be a hard film to ignore in coming years. The complexity of the mysteries and AR’s utilisation of the setting and his technological vision would make for a great series of films. It might end up feeling a bit too real but I would definitely take the risk!

Thanks for popping in to see what is going on at ATIB. If I had the power then a lot of books I have read would have become films! This list is just a drop in the ocean. This list was almost three times longer but I managed to reign it in slightly. There will no doubt be another list to follow very soon but for now, I hope you enjoyed my wish list and if you have any influence in the film industry then please feel free to consider this list :D.


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