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Unboxing/Review ~ My Chronicle Book Box ~ Crime & Mystery Edition @MyChronicleBB #MyChronicleBookBox #Addictive #bookblogger #unboxing #crime #mystery #booklovers #bookcollectors #signedcopies #bookishgifts #satisfaction #Valueformoney

Welcome to my very first unboxing post! As you may have seen on social media, it was a very positive and enticing experience for myself. Louise at My Chronicle Book Box knows how to treat readers properly and I was astounded by what actually arrived within the box. Louise used to be a book blogger herself before focusing on putting together these superb book subscription boxes which means she knows her audience perfectly and it definitely shows.

This post is going to be mainly photos with a few details and then my impressions of each component of the box. I received the Crime & Mystery box but there is also a Science-Fiction & Fantasy option you can order which I will absolutely need to see for myself. Here is a link to My Chronicle Book Boxtake a look as the boxes are 100% worth the money as they are packed with books and items you will cherish, want to talk about and show off. This is a subscription for book lovers and book collectors, my books are already on display and I can’t stop talking about them to anyone who will listen.

Enjoy the post, and let me know about your own unboxing experiences!

Unboxing the My Chronicle Book Box – Crime & Mystery Edition

I opened the box to find a envelope addressed to me, with an impressive wax seal. A nice touch which made me feel very noble. Within the envelope was a welcoming note that detailed the contents of the box. With a spoiler warning for those who like surprises! And three exclusive interviews with the authors of the books included in the package.


I then started to retrieve the intriguing items stowed within the box (I saved the books till last :D). First off was an inspirational notebook, with a quote from Sherlock Holmes no less, and a pen to go with it which is a bloggers best friend. Then I got some lovely handmade vegan soap, from Geeky Clean, which my wife has already bagsied for herself. And finally there was a very cool greetings card from fortyvenus which has inspirations from Agatha Christie. I am still debating to see who is going to receive this. I thought about Valentines day for my wife but a card inspired by poison probably doesn’t send the best message! (I apologise that these are not the best of pictures)




Then I got to the three amazingly enticing (and well wrapped) book shaped parcels. Vibrant, encased in string and indefinitely intriguing, I set about unceremoniously tearing the paper to shreds to obtain the awesome books within.

I was impressed by the selection of books included. There have been glowing reviews for both Her Last Move and Red Snow from plenty of book bloggers I know and have seen around social media. The Way Of All Flesh was a surprise because I had never heard of Ambrose Parry before. I was ecstatic to find out that it is the pseudonym from one of my all time favourite authors, Christopher Brookmyre. Chris has collaborated with his wife Marisa Haetzman to bring us a historical fiction novel based on the work of James Simpson and his ground-breaking work within anaesthesiology. I could not have been happier with these three books representing a Crime & Mystery book box.




The fact that The Way Of All Flesh has been signed by Chris Brookmyre and Marisa Haetzman and the front page has a unique stamp from the library of James Simpson, is enough for me to recommend My Chronicle Book Box to everyone. This is because it is an extra special addition to my book shelf that I can’t stop looking at or talking about. To then receive two more signed books just solidified how great this box was. It brought so much extra life to my book collection and now I have had that feeling, it is difficult to resist going for it again in the future.

My Overall Impressions

I never really got the whole unboxing scene but now I am a fully fledged unboxee, I totally get it. Especially when you get a box like this where every little touch shows you how much this person cares about books. This box was so tempting upon arrival at my home that my wife, who is nonplussed about books, couldn’t even resist its charm and wonder. If you have never had a book subscription before and are seriously considering giving it a try then definitely go for a My Chronicle Book Box first.

My Chronicle Book Box’s focus is your satisfaction, both in opening and unboxing the amazing treats and making sure you cherish and share each element of the box both at the time of reveal and when you look back at the books in the future. It is worth every penny and it is a vivid reminder of why I love books so much. Going to a bookshop is great fun but the satisfaction of receiving a box laden with bookish contents, just for you, that contains personality, surprises and an awesome bookish ambience is something that every book lover has to try once (and will no doubt continue to do so) . And My Chronicle Book Box has you covered!

The only downside to this box is that it is a quarterly subscription and I will have to wait for three months for another fix.

Thank you for coming by to check out my very first unboxing post featuring My Chronicle Book Box. This was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to tuck in to these three amazing books. I hope you enjoyed this post and will be trying out this subscription for yourself. Here is the link to My Chronicle Book Box again just in case. Here are a few questions I would love you to answer for me in the comments. Did anyone else get this box too? Are you as happy as I was? Would you like to try this box yourself? Would you go for the Crime/Mystery or SFF box? Do you have any good/bad experiences with unboxing that you would like to share here? Let me know. 


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  1. I’m amazed with all you get! Three books is a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book box with three books. I love the way they’re wrapped too. Definitely going to check this one out. I used to get Owlcrate which is a YA box, but usually you just get one book. 😁

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  2. I’ve never subscribed to a book subscription service before but there are so many that I want to try out but they just aren’t in the budget right now. I would most likely go with the Sff box if I signed up for this.

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