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My Top Songs Of 2018 #Music #2018 #Addicted #Top #Rock #Metal #Acapella #Dance #Songs #MusicAppreciation #Notreading

Hello all. I know this is a book blog above all else but I do like to take the time to share my musical influences so here we are with a top music of 2018 post. I have many different music tastes and 2018 was a superb year for music just as much as it was for books. This list isn’t for everyone but there might be a song or two that you may enjoy so check it out. I will share the genre, the track (or video) and a few details about why I loved the song. I hope you all find a song in this post you like and let’s hope 2019 is another fantastic year for the tunes.

Top Songs of 2018

No Way by Sylar (Rock)

I have loved Sylar for a while now because they are fully influenced by my all time favourite band, Linkin Park. No Way is by far one of their most mellow songs as the boys definitely lean towards the heavier side of metal. It is an earworm though so you have been warned.

Song #3 by Stone Sour (Rock)

I could listen to this song on repeat forever and never tire of it. Cory Taylor is the voice of my teenage years and it is great to see even after all these years he can still impress me. I need to see Stone Sour live again very soon!

The Sights by Enter Shikari (Rock/Electronic)

I am impressed at the journey that Enter Shikari has taken to get to this album in their career. Going from the dance/scream fest that was Sorry You’re Not A Winner to anthemic crowd chanters like The Sights. I saw ES live in January and they opened with this song. Me and my brother had agreed to hang back and enjoy the band from the outskirts of the gig. By the end of this song, we were in the front row…

She’s Kerosene by The Interrupters (Rock)

The Interrupters were an absolutely epic discovery that I came across by complete accident but I am now fully obsessed with them. They are a family band which makes me happy and they kick ass too which is always good.

Breaking The Habit by Affiance (Linkin Park Cover)

I mentioned I love Linkin Park right? I really like Affiance too. Them together? So good! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this. The singer from Affiance just adds this soaring depth to the song that you can’t deny elevates it to another level.

Stranger by Skrillex with KillaGraham from Milo and Otis and Sam Dew (Dance)

Skrillex eh? Where is my dignity eh? Well we all need dance music in our live otherwise we would turn to stone so there. Plus I would love to see some ballroom dancers do a routine to this song, that would blow my mind!

The Greatest Show by Pentatonix (Acapella)

Pentatonix is a group that everyone should have in their lives. Not only do they sing all their songs 100% acapella, which is amazing in itself, but they cover all the great songs. The Greatest Showman is an easy movie to love so this cover easily makes my list.

Alone In A Room by Asking Alexandria (Metal)

I am currently listening to this song while I write this passage and it is good to hear Danny Worsnop behind the microphone again. Not that Denis didn’t have his moments but these songs have a real weight behind and you can find yourself singing your heart out to the whole album. There is passion in this band and it is addictive!

My Way by Andy Black (Sinatra Cover)

Andy Black, of Black Veil Brides, is a great singer. Every track he lays down is noteworthy and his solo album is a must listen. I was ecstatic to see he had cover this classic Sinatra song and the twist made smile so hard. Enjoy!

My Distorted Reflection by Upon A Burning Body (Acoustic)

Body Image is a bit of a tricky bugger isn’t it? It is easy to be looked down upon for defying the norms. Well Upon A Burning Body (great band, terrible name) have you covered. UABB is usually the crushing, brutal band you wouldn’t go anywhere near but this song was a surprising treat for all listeners. Check it out, thank me later!

I already had my eye on Bad Wolves because the lead singer took over for Five Finger Death Punch for a short time. So when this popped up I was intrigued. When I listened to it I was blown away. What a cover! What a story behind the song too. Tragedy at the loss of such a hero of music. If you haven’t heard this song already then I envy you because you get to hear it for the first time!

Thank you for checking out this list. I was having a really hard time with music at the start of this year but this compilation has been really cathartic and brought me back to some fantastic bands that I am eager to re-explore. I am tempted to do another couple of these lists so if you enjoyed it I would really like to know. I went a bit heavy in the rock on this list but I do have plenty of other genres I would like to share with you. I hope you thought the list was worthwhile and you picked up a few new tunes to savour. Thanks again for stopping by!


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