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Top Five Tuesday: My Favourite Sherlock Spin-Offs #SherlockHolmes #Fantasy #Horror #Crime #Mystery #NewEditions #ReImaginings #NewLife

Greetings! Welcome to another themed #TopFiveTuesday here on ATIB. I am a bit Sherlock addicted at the moment. TV, Movies and Books (Fiction and Non-Fiction) all centred around the world’s greatest detective. I have seen many spin-offs of Sherlock in my time as a reader and have loved many of them so why not make a post about them??? So here we are. I will share my top five Sherlock re-imaginings or continuations and detail the reasons why I love them so much! I hope you enjoy the post and please let me know your own favourite Sherlock spin-offs that I have missed of this list.

Top Five Sherlock Re-Imaginings

Warlock Holmes: A Study In Brimstone by G. S. Dennings


G. S. Dennings is responsible for one of the best Sherlock fantasy mash-ups of all time and I couldn’t get enough of all three instalments. Every classic Sherlock case has been re-imagined in ways I cannot describe. Warlock Holmes is a powerful yet somewhat calamitous individual but with an intelligent Watson to back him up, he manages to subdue the evil forces that threaten to consume them and the world itself. This is classic yet entertaining reading at its best.

Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows by James Lovegrove


James Lovegrove lives and breathes Sherlock Holmes. This is another stand-out mash-up series that brings a whole lot of H. P. Lovecraft to the table. This series is as addictive as it is dark, re-defining Sherlock in a completely new light while retaining a lot of the original charm and intellect. This series is not for the lighthearted but it is definitely an awesome read.

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Counterfeit Detective by Stuart Douglas


I thoroughly enjoyed The Counterfeit Detective. Taking Sherlock out of the U.K and pitting him against an American impostor who is using his good name in very bad ways. This was a good mystery and a fascinating ode to the famous consulting detective. I hope to see more authors catching just the right essence of A.C Doyle’s work whilst bringing their own take to Sherlock’s continuation.

Sherlock Holmes: The Labyrinth of Death by James Lovegrove


Like I said, James Lovegrove is a master of Sherlock Holmes and every single instalment or iteration of his work on the subject is worth the time. The Labyrinth of Death delivers a solid Sherlock story, taking Holmes and Watson in a completely different direction into cults, mythology and rituals. Can’t ask for more!

Associates Of Sherlock Holmes by Various Authors (Edited by George Mann)


Associates was a cool dedication to all those individuals who suffer Sherlock Holmes for the good of London as well as those who have faced off against him. It was a fun novel that explored the internal perspectives of some of the most classic characters in the Sherlock universe. It was also a great opportunity for a collection of writers to get together and have a blast with the theme. If you do really enjoy Sherlock Holmes then this is a must read. There are several other instalments that I also need to read which is always good!

Thank you for stopping by to look through my last official Top Five List here on Always Trust In Books. I am taking a new approach to blogging that will hopefully be more refreshing and a lot less repetitive. Sherlock is partially responsible for my admiration for books and to see his stories celebrated in new ways is great for me. I hope you enjoyed this list and if you have already finished some of these I would love to know what you thought. Thanks again for coming by.


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