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Top Fantasy Novels – 2018 #Fantasy #Epic #Dark #KingsOfTheWyld #2018 #Favourites #Reviews #Reading

Welcome to ATIB’s first Top 2018 post! I know what you are thinking. More top posts about 2018… We all have to do it and I am behind on life so I apologise for that. So I thought I would pace my posts into separate genres and share them occasionally in the coming months so get comfy because I have lots to talk about. If you have already discarded 2018 and have moved on to the epic year of books that is 2019 then that is fair enough but have a little peek at my lists anyway just in case there was a book you’ve missed. I am starting with Fantasy because it is such a huge part of my blogging content. Plus 2018 was an exceptional year for fantasy and I can’t dismiss the opportunity to talk about it! Enjoy the list.

I haven’t really decided on a ‘book of 2018’ yet but a close contender would have to be Kings Of The Wyld. I’m not going to stop talking about it any time soon, no matter how sick people are of hearing it. It could be my favourite fantasy read of all time. Solid writing, incredible characters and a brilliant world to explore. Bloody Rose only expands that world even more and takes us on completely new adventures. Eames has stormed into the genre with passion and I can only say ‘Bravo’! I feel so old school 😀


Another book I can’t stop talking about. Welcome To Night Vale is something everyone must try at least once as there is so much to love about it. A podcast set in a weird and wonderful town call Night Vale. The town’s newscaster Cecil divulges town situations and events through his radio show (his voice is so satisfying) and it is incredibly bizarre and hilarious. The characters that populate the town are all interesting, weird and abstract. The show is probably the most quotable piece of writing I have ever experienced. I loved It Devours because it brought the idea of WTNV to the page in a way that the first novel struggled to do. It is a unique story set in the world of Night Vale and I was very impressed. It can be read as standalone and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a wholly different reading experience.


Joanne M. Harris has consistently blown me away with her work with Norse Mythology and The Gospel Of Loki was definitely the reason I got into the series in the first place. The Testament of Loki was a fantastic continuation of this iteration of classic Norse Mythology storytelling, tackling the epic event of Ragnarok. Introducing a new key character definitely made for some interesting developments and interactions as well. If you enjoy mythology then this is the best you’ll ever get!

Tom Lloyd is an outstanding fantasy author who has created an appealing and immersive world and just the right characters to inhabit it. Vivid and gripping storylines with individuals I enjoyed spending time with. I just wanted it to keep going and going. I was so happy to see that the Princess Of Blood was even better than Stranger Of Tempest as it makes the series even more worth picking up. I just found out that Book #3 Knight Of The Stars is out 27.06.19 which is too far away. Quicker please!

I know Blackwing was 2017 and Crowfall (look at that cover!!!) isn’t out till the middle of 2019 but Ravencry was definitely a highlight of 2018! I couldn’t not share this series as it is an accomplished and badass set of stories and Ed McDonald is worthy of our admiration. Galharrow’s story is a mighty one and the imagery and concepts explored in these books are outstanding. I can’t wait to get lost in Misery all over again in June!

Josiah Bancroft’s Books Of Babel series is absolutely superb. I have never seen such a fully realised and deep setting filled with more interesting characters than you could ever want. I am currently reading The Hod King right now and even this far into the series I am still blown away by how far JB’s imagination goes and where he is taking this story of rescue and transformation. If you pick up any fantasy series this year, let it be this one.


I have added The City Of Lost Fortunes to the list because it surpassed my expectations by so much and I can’t thanks Bryan Camp for writing the book that I wanted American Gods to be. This book is far from what it seems and I was lost in its pages for its entirety. I picked this up on a whim and I was rewarded greatly with a kick ass story about demigods, gambles with life and death, chaos and the grief of a city. A must read for all mythology lovers.

Thank you for visiting to see my first, yes first, 2018 favourites list. Fantasy is core to my blogging style and its great to celebrate it at any given moment. 2018 was a solid year for fantasy and I can only hope 2019 has even more in store for us. Is fantasy your favourite? Did I miss any must reads on this list you would like to share? Can you tell me a fantasy title you are watching out for in 2019? Let me know. Thanks again for all your support and let’s have a great bookish 2019!




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