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I Might Regret This Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities and Other Stuff by Abbi Jacobson (Book Review) @abbijacobson @ViragoBooks #nonfictionnovember #imightregretthis #abbijacobson #personal #virago


This book was sent to me by Virago Press in exchange for my honest opinion.

30.10.2018 / Virago Press (Little, Brown) / Non Fiction / Hardback / 320pp / 978-0349010861

Target Audience: Readers who enjoy Broad City and comedy in general. Also readers who appreciate raw emotion, honest life experiences and facing problems head on.

About I Might Regret This

From the co-creator and co-star of the hit series Broad City, a hilarious and poignant collection about love, loss, work, comedy and figuring out who you really are when you thought you already knew.

When Abbi Jacobson announced to friends and acquaintances that she planned to drive across the country alone, she was met with lots of questions and opinions: Why wasn’t she going with friends? Wouldn’t it be incredibly lonely? The North route is better! Was it safe for a woman? The Southern route is the way to go! You should bring mace! And a common one . . . why? But Abbi had always found comfort in solitude, and needed space to step back and hit the reset button. As she spent time in each city and town on her way to Los Angeles, she mulled over the big questions – What do I really want? What is the worst possible scenario in which I could run into my ex? How has the decision to wear my shirts tucked in been pivotal in my adulthood? In this collection of anecdotes, observations and reflections – all told in the sharp, wildly funny and relatable voice that has endeared Abbi to critics and fans alike – readers will feel like they’re in the passenger seat on a fun and, ultimately, inspiring journey. With some original illustrations by the author.

Pick up a copy: Little, Brown / Amazon UK / Amazon US / Goodreads

My Revie

Being British and not watching a huge amount of TV meant that I had not had the opportunity to come across comedy writer and hilarious on-screen presence Abbi Jacobson up until this point. I am somehow always drawn to memoirs, personal accounts and musings on life so I was excited to get acquainted with Abbi and her work through I Might Regret This. Abbi takes us on her journey of recovery and reflection; going on a solitary road trip that aims to re-balance her views on life after an unexpected (in many ways) break-up.

I Might Regret This contains raw emotions coated with Abbi’s courageous honesty, charming unfiltered consciousness and wacky sense of humour. (Abbi is the queen of the tangent and the hypothetical). I laughed so much whilst simultaneously reflecting on my own life and all those moments that have led me to the person I am today. Her words are a poignant reminder of the importance of facing your failures head on and putting them to good use, fuelling our future efforts. This book is every bit as nuanced as Abbi is. I was in stitches whilst reading a list of adult concerns. I sat and contemplated the cup and saucer debate. I had my head in my hands when I was reading her many accounts of being up till 2am still internally raging that she can’t nod off because we have all been there.

Abbi’s abrupt (you’re right, it is never good) loss of love fuelled this trip which in turn paved the way for this book and Abbi has used this opportunity to connect with us all on a multitude of levels. The sheer variety of formats that AJ uses to share her story and observe the world is enough to get lost within these pages. Essays, notes to self, bullet points, lists, diaries, studies, interpretations, personal illustrations (very talented) and the purest streams of uncut observation you will ever see put to paper. Abbi talks about love, the unexpected, creativity, fear, work, regret, failure, culture, sexism, pride, spirituality and moving on from heart-break. Nothing is beyond consideration in AJ’s world and I felt connected to her in that respect.

Abbi is an immensely relatable human being and it was a fascinating experience to be the passenger on her trip. Going from New York to North Carolina, to Texas, New Mexico and all the way to Arizona, Abbi goes on a very alternative path that allows her to acknowledge where she has been, where she is right now and the future before her. If you are a fan of Broad City (I wasn’t… Am now) then there are plenty of insights it her work with Ilana. Sometimes you just need to see the world from a different set of eyes and I enjoyed my time with Abbi Jacobson, reminding me that failure is an option and its what you next time that matters.

There are so many cool, hilarious, inspiring and odd moments to be had here for any reader. I think the illustrations were an important addition because the act as snippets of Abbi mindsets throughout her trip. Abbi anxious reflection turns into heart-warming recollection and I Might Regret This becomes required reading for readers who feel lost, disconnected, frustrated or confused. I came away from this book feeling relieved and connected. It is pretty much a must read for everyone and it comes highly recommended from me. Abbi Jacobson is asking the big questions in life right now and though she is getting few answers, I applaud her efforts in delivering her wisdom and trying her best to level our modern playing field.

About Abbi Jacobson

Abbi Jacobson is an American comedian, writer, actress and illustrator. Trained at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, she is best known as the Series Creator, Executive Producer and star of the critically-acclaimed Comedy Central series, Broad City. Nominated for the ECNY’s “Best Web Series” award, the show premiered its fourth season on September 13, 2017.

Jacobson is an AOLArtist and New York Times-bestselling author of her illustrated book, Carry This Book, which showcases bright, quirky, and colorful line drawings at the world around us, all through the framework of what we carry. She also has two coloring books: Color This Book: New York City and Color This Book: San Francisco.

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