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Top Five Tuesday – Fiction Books I Can’t Wait To Read Again Vol 2 #Top5 #Topfivetuesday #Reread #Revisit #EpicFantasy #Reimaginings #Law #Marriage #War

Top Five Tuesday – Fiction Books I Can’t Wait To Read Again Vol 2

Welcome back! Here I have for you another lost of novels I would love to read again in the very near future. The first list was very popular and so I thought it was worth making another one. This list is slightly heavier as most of the books have a deeper meaning behind them because of the themes they deal with i.e racism, abuse and injury but nonetheless enjoy these reads and let me know if you have read any of them yourself!

My Top Five Books

Lost Boy by Christina Henry


Christina Henry not only grabbed my attention but captured it and held it hostage for the two sittings it took to devour this awesome book. I enjoyed the story of Peter Pan but this origin epic that details the beginning of the never-ending feud between Pan and Hook was phenomenal. I couldn’t get enough, throwing a unique light on the lore of Pan and sending us on a journey deep into the original Neverland. So good!

Kings Of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames


I am not overstating things when I say that Kings Of The Wyld is a fantasy masterpiece. I was actually overwhelmed by the time I had finished it and was gutted it couldn’t continue on for just another 1000 pages or so. Yes we got Bloody Rose which is exceptional too but KOTW just captured the magic of Eames’ mind so perfectly that I wanted to start re-reading this novel the second I finished the last page.

A Time To Kill by John Grisham


This wasn’t the first Grisham novel I read (Pelican Brief in case you’re wondering) but it is most certainly the novel that cemented Grisham in the ATIB Hall Of Must Read Everything They Have Written Right Now! (Other occupants include Matt Haig, Joanne M. Harris, Joe Hill, Michael J Malone and Christina Henry). ATTK is a huge novel, both bold and moving, and I can’t wait to sink back into the unforgettable case and the ensuing chaos that follows very soon.

A Suitable Lie by Michael J Malone


Michael J Malone is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors of all time and that journey started right here. What a novel. What an expose on abuse and how it comes in all shapes and sizes. This novel is chilling to the bone and I could not put it down. It was like watching a multi-car pile up and not being able to move or say a word to help, you just had to watch. It is harsh, unsettling and unforgettable but it is also a vitally important novel that shines a powerful spotlight on the depth of abuse. A must read!

Anatomy Of  A Soldier by Harry Parker


Anatomy of A Soldier is technically a novel though it is almost entirely based on the true events of the author’s own experiences. This is Harry’s story told from the very unique perspective of the items used to save his life and those used to try and take his life in the first place. I was captivated by these unusual story telling devices and it worked so well to tell the story of a man who was almost taken from this world by an I.E.D and how he managed to bring his life back from the brink of no return. Tragic yet vital.

Thank you for stopping by to check out another fiction based Top Five Tuesday list. I hope you get a chance to check out at least some of these reads as they are all important additions to any book lovers shelf. I went a bit heavier and darker this time round but these novels changed the way I read in their own ways and I would hate for others to miss out on that opportunity. If you have read any of these then I would love to know. Thanks again for coming by and return next week for yet another list.


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