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Top Five Tuesday: My Book Blogger Grumbles Vol 1 #Issues #TopFiveTuesday #Books #Blogging #Complaining #LoveItReally #Writing

Welcome to another #TopFiveTuesday here on my blog. This week’s post is going to be slightly (or quite a bit) negative! It is mainly centred around me moaning about certain aspects of my blog/blogging in general. Some of you may relate and other may think I am just a frivolous complainer, I am okay with that. I am going to share some of my biggest pet peeves with you all and I would like to hear what you think. I would also like to hear your own grumblings too as I hope it could be cathartic in the (sometimes) stressful world of book blogging. Enjoy the post, let me know what you think and share your own experiences.

Top Five Tuesday: My Book Blogger Grumbles Vol 1

When WordPress Bloggers Don’t Link Up Their Social Media Accounts

Yep, that’s right! My first grumble is about everyone else… I do honestly get a bit frustrated at this because it makes sharing so much easier, especially on Twitter. I like connecting with people across platforms and it is hard if bloggers make their accounts difficult to find. Pop to settings, fill out the social media URLs and make my day πŸ˜€

The Fact That Book Blogging Gets In The Way Of My Reading

This is a huuuuge one. It makes me laugh that talking about books seriously affects my opportunities to read them. Blogging, to me, feels like 80% interaction/writing and 20% reading. I used to read 6 books a week! Now I am lucky if I get to read 2. I am incredibly lucky to have a blog and be surrounded by great minds but that doesn’t stop me from missing a honest-to-god readathon sometimes.

People Sending Me ‘I Saw Your Review Of…’ Emails. Of Books I Have Never Read!

I should have warned you that this list is a bit mish-mash. This does really wind me up though. Couldn’t people just take a second to research my blog. It is a little like those phone calls you get saying you have been in a car crash when you don’t actually drive. My favourite one is when I get interest in my reviews for Erotica! I have never reviewed a sexy book on ATIB and don’t plan to. The closest I have got is when I reviewed Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, brilliant read and highly recommended.

Managing My To-Be-Read Pile

I am almost certain this is at the top of most book bloggers list. I don’t want to do a post about it as it is a bit of a tired subject but I thought I should mention it here. I try my best, I really do, but the pull of a book that has just come through the letter box can sometimes be too strong. I need to be more organised and less ‘I have been waiting forever for this, screw everything else’ when it comes to my next read.

Commenting On Blog Posts

This may be misconstrued but I find it difficult to comment on posts most of the time. It annoys me because other bloggers are so kind to write great things on my posts but when it comes to returning the favour, I’m a bit rubbish. I blame time and my inability to add anything useful to a post. I hope people don’t take it personally, I do try! The amount of times I have written out comments and then deleted them last minute is insane. I need to work on my commenting, it is a self-peeve.

Thank you for coming by to check out my blogger venting skills. I don’t usually get this negative on my blog as I try and stay upbeat but I thought it was about time to lay down some complaints. I have plenty more so don’t be surprised if there are several more instalments of this post. Like I said, I am incredibly lucky to be the blogger I am but I do get pissed off sometimes and it feels good to put it out there for discussion. Do you agree with my issues or should I just keep them to myself?


15 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: My Book Blogger Grumbles Vol 1 #Issues #TopFiveTuesday #Books #Blogging #Complaining #LoveItReally #Writing

  1. I find commenting difficult sometimes as well. Usually it happens on posts/topics i’m not so knowledgeable. But from my own experience: i love it even if people just say “hi, lovely post” in the comment. So i guess it’s the same for others.

    I do spend sometimes hours on blog hopping… hehe. It always starts like “let me just look around for half an hour”… as if πŸ˜€

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  2. I can relate to the second one so much! πŸ˜‚ It really takes time to write reviews and create posts. There are times when I really, really want to start a new book but I can’t because I have to write a review of the one I just finished.

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  3. I completely get what you mean with the commenting on other blogger’s posts. When I do have time to comment, I feel like the things I come up with sounds incredibly insincere. I am getting better at it, but still struggle a lot with writing comments.

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  4. I struggle with comments too. And replying to comments other people make on my blog! I feel I have to say something more than just ‘thanks for your comment’ but often I don’t have anything useful to add, so I agonise trying to think of something meaningful.

    I guess for some it’s the online equivalent of small talk but I get anxious about it because it’s there, visible, forever!

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  5. As someone else who appreciates comments and yet rarely leaves them I know where you’re coming from. All I wanted to say was don’t worry about being perceived as negative. If you feel something, say it, it’s just being honest. Once said you’ll realise others feel the same way and have wanted to say pretty much the same. I like to get things off my chest once in a while, because then it frees you to move on.

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  6. I definitely agree with you on these things! I also feel like I’m blogging more than I’m reading haha πŸ˜€ Also don’t worry about commenting! I often comment because I find books my fellow book friends read interesting and want to compliment them on their great reviewing skills because they are appreciated.

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  7. I agree, especially about the twitter thing. Of course, if they don’t have twitter or at least not a book blog related account then fine. But when they do and don’t link to WordPress it is baffling and crazy.πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

    I’m the same with commenting, I think many of us are.πŸ‘πŸ“š

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  8. I hate not being able to link my wordpress blog to my currently reading goodreads widget. It’s a common complaint and goodreads have tried to be helpful but say it’s well known that they don’t link well together. Rant over – thank you πŸ™‚

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  9. Commenting is hard, I agree. My desire is always to say something genuine and valuable, but sometimes I just want to let them know I’m still reading and I care enough to say something, even if it’s just “Great review!” or “Adding this to my TBR”. It isn’t substantive all the time, and I don’t always comment, but sometimes I feel like I need to do more than just like a post, and say “Hi”.

    YES to #2! All of it.

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  10. Ha ha ha!!! This post made me laugh so hard as I have a review due and what have I been doing for the passed 5 hrs, even though I SHOULD be reading said book (and the 500 others) that are waiting for me?? Catching up on, and commenting on everyone else’ blog!! I LOVE reading everyone’s blogs, but it is definitely time consuming when I already don’t have much time to get my reading done… But, I’ve felt guilty about being AWOL with work stuff, so that’s all I’ve been doing! πŸ˜‚

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  11. Oooh…I so disagree with “I need to be more organised and less β€˜I have been waiting forever for this, screw everything else’ when it comes to my next read.” I just get so excited when certain books come out that I feel zero guilt dropping everything. It’s a big piece of the fun!

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