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Friday Face-Off – 3rd August – A Cover Featuring A Starry Sky #FridayFaceOff #BookArt #Blogging #Books #CoverDesign

Friday Face-Off

The Friday Face-Off is a meme created by Books by Proxy with a current list of themes to be found over at Lynn’s Books. This book meme is an opportunity to compare the covers of a certain title that connect to a weekly theme. I saw this over at The Tattooed Book Geek, If by chance you are not aware of his blog then please do pop over their and give Drew a follow, his blog is very much worth your time. Enjoy this week’s theme and let me know which cover design you prefer and why! Also make sure you join in next week!

This Weeks Theme Is

3rd August – “Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” – a cover featuring a starry sky





No Winner This Time

I received a proof copy of Hold Back The Stars last year and I still haven’t read it! That didn’t stop me from immediately thinking of it today when I sat down to write this post. It is a very memorable cover and I have no idea which I prefer to be completely honest. They both have their merits and they compliment an intense and tragic story that takes place in the empty vacuum of space. I think I am going to have to bump this up to the top of the TBR now! What do you think of the covers? Which is the best in your eyes?

Thank you for coming by to check out another Friday Face-off here on ATIB. I am loving these posts because it is an opportunity to celebrate cover art which as most people will know is one of my favourite hobbies. Come back again next week for a post centred around covers with Masks, should be a good one!


7 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off – 3rd August – A Cover Featuring A Starry Sky #FridayFaceOff #BookArt #Blogging #Books #CoverDesign

  1. I completely understand why you’re trying to choose a winner because I’m going backwards and forward between the two. I love the hardback and the way the title is made up with the bright stars, but then I love the colour of the paperback and the way the stars look as though they’ve been sprinkled onto the page and left behind an imprint of two faces. If pushed I’d probably choose the paperback but it’s a very close call.
    Lynn 😀

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  2. Extremely hard to choose between them as they are both gorgeous. However, the hardback is slightly too fussy for me so I’d go for the paperback. If you want covers with masks on, ‘The Rightful Owner’, is one written by me – cheeky I know – sorry!

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