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Top Five Tuesday – Fiction Books I Can’t Wait To Read Again #Top5 #Topfivetuesday #Reread #Revisit #Mythology #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Drama

Top Five Tuesday – Fiction Books I Can’t Wait To Read Again

Hello everyone and greetings to my first Top Five Tuesday here on ATIB. I have a great list for people to tuck into today all centred around re-reading. I never thought I would be interested in going back to books from the past but I have recently had the urge and this list emphasises what I would be reaching for if I did indulge myself. There are some fantastic reads on this list and I hope that everyone has read at least one or two of them. Enjoy the list and please let me know if you agree on my options or have any recommendations of your own that may entice me based on these books!

My Top Five List


1. Darien (Michael Joseph)

Darien is one of my all time favourite epic fantasy novels for many reasons. Unbelievably good characters including one of the best (and most powerful) female leads I have seen in a novel to date. I have compared this to Game Of Thrones but condensed down into one city with 12 families all gunning for power. It is an awesome read and most definitely the first in line for a re-read.


2. Ready Player One (Arrow)

Ready Player One played on my appreciation for both Willy Wonka and The Matrix. RPO is the perfect blend of nostalgia, video game/movie culture and high stakes competition. I got lost in these pages time and again. I have actually re-read this but I want to re-re-read it again. I thought this was all hype but is a true masterpiece that the film doesn’t do justice (apart from the visuals, so epic!). Give Ernest Cline a go, he doesn’t disappoint!


If We Were Villains (Titan Books)

This was a surprise for me. Not only did I really enjoy If We Were Villains but it was my most appreciated review on my blog to this day. It is so good and M. L. Rio knows her Shakespeare through and through. This is a tale of lies, drama, fear and secrets and I can’t wait to revisit it in the future to surprise myself all over again.


It Devours (Orbit)

Welcome To Night Vale is an acquired taste to say the least. It is complex, random, hilarious and downright weird. I adore the podcast because it is like nothing I have ever experienced. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first novel but It Devours hit the mark perfectly. It is included within the lore of the town but it is also unique to itself. I had such a great experience with an out-of-towner going into the intense alternate reality that is Night Vale and it seems only fair to have another go 😀


The Gospel Of Loki (Gollancz)

It is no secret that I am a Joanne M Harris mega fan. I could re-read all of her Norse Mythology novels but if I had to choose then it has to be The Gospel Of Loki. This novel is so cool and its packed to the rafters with compelling Norse stories involving Loki, Thor, Freya, Balder, Odin and so many more. If you love mythology then this is a must read. I could probably re-read this multiple times just to get lost in all these unbelievable stories as much as I can.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my first Top Five Tuesday list. I had to step down from the top ten lists for a while due to pressing time constraints but I hope everyone will appreciate a good top five list just as much. I am finding myself making more time for re-reads recently and these five books shot right to the top of the list. I may do a re-readathon later on this year if I feel I can spare the time. Could be fun! I hope you enjoyed the list and that you have read at least one of these books. If not then you have some reading to do!


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