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Waiting-On-Wednesday: How Are You Going To Save Yourself by J M Holmes #WaitingOnWednesday #Hodder #Sceptre #JMHolmes #HowAreYouGoingToSaveYourself


Good morning everyone and welcome to another Waiting-On-Wednesday here on ATIB. This is a weekly posted created by Breaking The Spine. It is just an opportunity to share a title that you are eagerly waiting to be released. I seem to constantly seek out novels like How Are You Going To Save Yourself because of their bold and important themes. Themes that allow me to connect to another culture, country or race. We all go through that obvious divide/strain between youth and adult relationships and I am interested to see how JM Holmes explores them here. What do you think? Would you add this to your TBR?


09.08.18 / Sceptre / Contemporary / Paperback / 256pp / 978-1473677715

Book Synopsis

How Are You Going To Save Yourself is a timely debut about sex, race, family and friendship for fans of Junot Diaz and Ta-Nehisi Coates. It explores the lives of four friends from the city of Pawtucket: Rydell, Lazarus, Rakim, and Giovanni, or more affectionately Rye, Dub, Rolls, and G. Once bound together by location and shared experience, their bonds fade and change as their adult lives begin to take different shapes. They are confronted with society’s expectations of them, family pressures, and ultimately the way they see themselves – sometimes conforming, sometimes challenging the stereotypes. Ultimately they are trying not to fail themselves and the people they love.

Pick up a copy here: Sceptre (Hodder) / Amazon UK / Amazon US / Goodreads

Thank you for popping in to check out my latest Waiting-On-Wednesday all about How Are You Going To Save Yourself by J M Holmes. I am trying to broaden my reading horizons as I seem to be stuck in fantasy/non-fiction land at the moment. I want to read more contemporary, crime and drama novels and the best place to start would definitely be HAYGTSY. JM Holmes is hopefully going to blow me away very soon and I look forward to talking to you all about it in the coming weeks.





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