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Waiting On Wednesday: Orenda Books @OrendaBooks #Books #Blogging #2018 #WaitingOnWednesday

This is a weekly post was originally hosted by Breaking The Spine but has since moved over to Wishful Endings and transformed into Can’t Wait Wednesday. All you have to do is share a release you are looking forward to in the coming months and then link it back to Wishful Endings. This week I am sharing quite a few releases as Orenda Books have got a superb list of releases in coming out later on in 2018. Orenda Books are constantly pushing the boundaries on fiction and the authors they support and encourage are phenomenal. I am most excited about After He Died by Michael J Malone but there are plenty more that I can’t wait to sink into so here is a list of my most anticipated releases. If you are excited about any of these books then please let me know.

Waiting On Wednesday: Orenda Books 2018


Released 15/09/18

Michael J Malone was easily one of my most favourite authors of 2017. After He Died sounds like an epic encapsulation of everything MJM has achieved so far and I seriously hope this stays true to his unique and raw style of writing. If you haven’t read A Suitable Lie or House Of Spines then you are in for a (disturbing, haunting and unsettling) treat. MJM explores unique perspectives on hard to swallow subjects and I can’t get enough. This is one of my most anticipated reads for 2018.

Book Synopsis

You need to know who your husband really was…

When Paula Gadd’s husband of almost thirty years dies, just days away from the seventh anniversary of their son, Christopher’s death, her world falls apart. Grieving and bereft, she is stunned when a young woman approaches her at the funeral service, and slips something into her pocket. A note suggesting that Paula’s husband was not all that he seemed… When the two women eventually meet, a series of revelations challenges everything Paula thought they knew, and it becomes immediately clear that both women’s lives are in very real danger. Both a dark, twisty slice of domestic noir and taut, explosive psychological thriller, After He Died is also a chilling reminder that the people we trust the most can harbour the deadliest secrets…


Released 15/06/18

Red Devil Drive just sounds so cool. A Texan murder mystery could be a real treat. There are definitely some intriguing themes and characters being explored within this story and I am excited to watch it all play out. Come on June!

Book Synopsis

Called to a seemingly innocuous incident involving a parolee, Texas Ranger John Q finds himself investigating the murder of a motel owner and the disappearance of a young black woman in a 1960s Texas that’s rife with prejudice, bigotry and darkness.

What links an out-of-place hippy, an ambitious young oilman, a small-town cop and a Pentecostal preacher to the disappearance of Martha Elgin?

With a trail that leads everywhichwhere but the truth, rich with characters as real as the dust-blown landscape they come from, Red Devil Driveis an atmospheric, beautifully plotted and complex thriller that twists and turns to a macabre and explosive conclusion you will never forget.


Released 30/09/18

The Lion Tamer Who Lost sounds epic. A wondrous yet heart-breaking story of forbidden love? I don’t read enough of those. I have heard great things about Louise Beech and I am certain this is going to upset me, but how much? I just hope it is as special as it looks.

Book Synopsis

Long ago Andrew made a childhood wish. One he has always kept in a silver box with a too-big lid that falls off. When it finally comes true, he wishes it hadn’t… Long ago Ben dreamed of going to Africa to volunteer at a lion reserve. When he finally goes there, it isn’t for the reasons he imagined…

Ben and Andrew keep meeting where they least expect. Some collisions are by design, but are they for a reason? Ben’s father would disown him for his relationship with Andrew, so they must hide their love. Andrew is determined to make it work, but secrets from his past threaten to ruin everything…

Ben escapes to Zimbabwe to finally fulfil his lifelong ambition. But will he ever return to England? To Andrew? To the truth? A dark and poignant drama, The Lion Tamer Who Lost is also a mesmerisingly beautiful love story, with a tragic heart…


Released 15/05/18

Journalism? Uncontrollable escalation? A insightful setting? I am in. Dead Of Night sounds intense and I can’t wait. I have no idea how Crystal can go from researcher to undercover investigator of the Vietnam Mafia but I am ready to find out as soon as possible!

Book Synopsis

When freelance journalist, Crystal Nguyen, heads to South Africa, she thinks she’ll be researching an article on rhino-horn smuggling for National Geographic, but within a week she’s been hunting poachers, hunted by their bosses, and then arrested in connection with a murder. And everyone is after a briefcase full of money that she doesn’t want, but can’t get rid of…

Fleeing South Africa, she goes undercover in Vietnam, trying to discover the truth before she’s exposed by the local mafia.  Discovering the plot behind the money is only half the battle. Now she must convince the South African authorities to take action before it’s too late, both for the rhinos and for her. She has a powerful story to tell, if she survives long enough to tell it…

Fast-paced, relevant and chilling, Dead of Night is a stunning new thriller from Michael Stanley, author of the award-winning Detective Kubu series, introducing an intriguing new protagonist, while exposing one of the most vicious conflicts on the African continent…


Released 30/05/18

I can eat up these psychological thrillers all day as they are usually so good. So No Harm seems to fit this trend and I am interested in the lengths Maxwell is going to go to ‘win’ (more like steal) his family back at any cost. I have a feeling that this might be a dark novel (maybe it is just the eye on the cover) but I will definitely give it a go.

Book Synopsis

If I can’t have you … nobody can

After leaving her marriage to jealous, possessive oncologist Maxwell, Lily and her six-year-old son have a second chance at happiness with headteacher Sebastian. Kind but vulnerable, Sebastian is the polar opposite of Maxwell, and the perfect match for Lily. After a whirlwind romance, they marry, and that’s when things start to go wrong…

Maxwell returns to the scene, determined to win back his family, and events soon spiral out of control. Lily and Sebastian find themselves not only fighting for their relationship, but also their lives…

Chilling, dark and terrifying, Do No Harm is a taut psychological thriller and a study of obsession, with a killer twist that you will never see coming.


Released 30/08/18

A police constable that is investigating a murder to save her life, that sounds right up my street. Small town murder novels are always eerie, intense and claustrophobic so I expect that at the least. I have a good feeling about Overkill, I think it is going to be a valuable addition to the genre and I can’t believe I have to wait until the end of August to get my hands on it.

Book Synopsis

When the body of a young mother is found washed up on the banks of the Mataura River, a small rural community is rocked by her tragic suicide. But all is not what it seems. Sam Shephard, sole-charge police constable in Mataura, soon discovers the death was no suicide and has to face the realisation that there is a killer in town. To complicate the situation, the murdered woman was the wife of her former lover. When Sam finds herself on the list of suspects and suspended from duty, she must cast aside her personal feelings and take matters into her own hands. To find the murderer … and clear her name. A taut, atmospheric and page- turning thriller, Overkill marks the start of an unputdownable and unforgettable series from one of New Zealand’s finest crime writers.

Faultlines Proof Cover aw.indd

Released 22/05/18

You had me at ‘re-imagined Edinburgh’. Fault Lines could be really awesome and I am looking forward to delving into this alternative version of Scotland’s capital city, volcanos and all. I wonder how the characters and setting will mesh together but I hope it works and makes this an unforgettable read. We will see very soon.

Book Synopsis

In a reimagined contemporary Edinburgh, in which a tectonic fault has opened up to produce a new volcano in the Firth of Forth, and where tremors are an everyday occurrence, volcanologist Surtsey makes a shocking discovery. On a clandestine trip to The Inch – the new volcanic island – to meet Tom, her lover and her boss, she finds his lifeless body, and makes the fatal decision to keep their affair, and her discovery of his corpse secret. Desperate to know how he died, but also terrified she’ll be exposed, Surtsey’s life quickly spirals into a nightmare when someone makes contact – someone who claims to know what she’s done…

Thanks for stopping by to check out some of the fantastic releases coming at us from camp Orenda Books in 2018. Orenda Books and the authors they support are certainly worth your time. I can’t wait to see both the standalone novels and the series continuations arriving this year. And as I have said multiple times already, I am counting down the days until I can pick up a copy of After He Died as I can’t get enough of MJM’s writing. I hope I get the chance to feature at least some of these authors on my blog this year so fingers crossed.


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