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This Weeks #GIVEAWAY Celtic Tales by Kate Forrester #Folklore #Legends #Myths #Fairytales #WeekLongGiveaway


Welcome to another exciting giveaway here on Always Trust In Books! I have a great book to share with you all this week. Celtic Tales is a gorgeous hardback collection of stories from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Wales. The unforgettable artwork and the superb stories will be a welcome addition to anyone’s bookshelf and I am pleased to be able give one reader of this post a chance to own a copy. I am enjoying doing these giveaways and they are going well so far. I will keep them up for as long as people continue getting involved. I loved reading Celtic Tales, the stories are rich with mythology and fairy-tales. This isn’t your typical story book and I can’t wait to see what the winner of this post thinks of it. Enough of the chat! To the giveaway!

Please share with us your favourite mythological creature/person or concept in the comment section of this post!

I am intrigued to see what answers we will see and as usual I will give you a whole week to enter. I will announce the winner on Monday the 9th of April.

Thank you for stopping by to join in with another great giveaway here on ATIB. The response to my last couple of giveaways has been impressive and I am grateful for the support. If you can share this post on your social media then please do as the more people who enter the higher the stakes for next time. Enjoy the giveaway and please stop by again for more reviews, Q&As, giveaways and more!


16 thoughts on “This Weeks #GIVEAWAY Celtic Tales by Kate Forrester #Folklore #Legends #Myths #Fairytales #WeekLongGiveaway

      1. Not recently. But Smaug is a favourite character of mine. Also loved Saphira in the Eragon series. I like the dragons of folk lore especially the way Chinese dragons are portrayed, very whimsical compared to the big stocky European style.

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  1. Being Scottish, my favourite would of course be the wonderful NESSIE. Although he is real right, not a myth? But I am sure he still counts as an entry. Thank you for the opportunity to enter, good luck everyone.

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