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Waiting On Wednesday: Titan Books @TitanBooks #Books #Blogging #2018 #WaitingOnWednesday

This is a weekly post was originally hosted by Breaking The Spine but has since moved over to Wishful Endings and transformed into Can’t Wait Wednesday. All you have to do is share a release you are looking forward to in the coming months and then link it back to Wishful Endings. This week I am sharing quite a few releases as Titan Books have got a stellar line-up due for release in 2018. There are many conclusions to trilogies as well as some cracking stand-alone novels. If you are excited about any of these releases then please let me know.

Waiting On Wednesday: Titan Books 2018


Released 15/05/18

Look at that cover design! Deborah A. Wolf caught a lot of our attentions in 2017 with her fantasy fiction. I am excited to see her Dragon’s Legacy series continued in 2018. The Forbidden City sounds really good so I am counting down the days until I can review it!

Book Synopsis

In this book, Jian begins a brutal and bloody climb up the ranks of the Daechen as the Emperor’s long plans near fruition.

Sulema is likewise initiated into the ways of Atualon and the power of Atulfah, and finds that her father’s bright city is built on a foundation of dark and terrible secrets.

Hafsa Azeina begins a trek down paths stranger and more dangerous than even she could have imagined.

And the Zeeranim must face not only their traditional, external enemies, but treachery and betrayal from within.


Released 08/05/18

The Vinyl Detective series is just a lot of fun. I can’t recommend it enough for readers who just like a entertaining jaunt with a collection of brilliant characters and a larger than life narrative. I just hope Victory Disc isn’t a finale…

Book Synopsis

This time the search for a rare record ensnares our hero in a mystery with its roots stretching back seven decades, to the Second World War.

Three young RAF airmen played in a legendary band called the Flare Path Orchestra. When a precious 78rpm record of their music turns up in the most unexpected place the Vinyl Detective finds himself hired to track down the rest of their highly sought-after recordings.

But, as he does so, he finds that the battles of the last World War aren’t over yet—and can still prove lethal.

While fighting for his life, our hero unearths dark secrets of treason and murder, and puts right a tragic miscarriage of justice.

If all this sounds simple, it’s only because we haven’t mentioned drive-by shootings, murderous neo-Nazis, or that body in the beer barrel.


Released 15/05/18

Another series that took me by surprise in 2017. I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes novels of various degrees and other than James Lovegrove’s Cthulhu series, Warlock Holmes is my favourite fantasy adaptation of the detective. This series is by far more quirky and entertaining and My Grave Ritual is looking to be another fine addition to the series.

Book Synopsis

Warlock Holmes and Dr John Watson find themselves inconvenienced by a variety of eldritch beings, and the fact that one of them has goat legs. Christmas brings a goose that doesn’t let being cooked slow him down, then they meet an electricity demon, discover why being a redhead is even tricker than one might imagine, and Holmes attempts an Irish accent. And naturally Moriarty is hanging around in some form or other.


Released 15/05/18

I thought Two Lost Boys was an interesting law novel that delved into some intense characters. Madman Walking seems like an exciting continuation of this series and it sounds like Janet Moodie has a lot on her hands this time around. I should read a lot more law fiction than I do so it will be good to get back into it.

Book Synopsis

Appellate lawyer Janet Moodie is called in to work on a post-conviction investigation on a sordid murder-for-hire case. The client is uncooperative, likely schizophrenic, although he’s never let a psychiatrist near him long enough to get a diagnosis. Convicted of arranging the shooting of a drug dealer, under orders from the Aryan Brotherhood, Howard Henley is not an easy case, and even on death row he doesn’t seem to understand the severity of his situation. It is up to Janet to discover just what was done and by whom, and to determine whether to risk putting her client on trial again…


Released 17/04/18

The blurb for The City of Lost Fortunes makes me want to read this now! I really enjoy eccentric and quirky novels and I hope this is as nuanced and beautiful as it seems to be. I am eager to get my hands on this novel very soon.

Book Synopsis

Jude has a talent. With a touch of his finger, he can find the things you’ve lost. Car keys, wallet, your dead sister. But when Katrina hit, and everything was lost, Jude’s trick became a curse, pushing him to the edge of madness. But when an old friend calls in a favour and Jude finds himself in a room full of gods playing a game he doesn’t understand for the heart and soul of the Crescent City.


Released 08/05/18

The Rig might be the most out there fantasy/science-fiction novel I have come across this year. There is so much in the synopsis that I don’t understand but I certainly want to. This is the kind of novel that could be excellent or confusing. I am hoping it is the former but we will have to wait and see.

Book Synopsis

Humanity has spread across many planets, connected by the Song, the information superhighway, and held together by AfterLife. All humans have neurids – organic chips that record your entire life – implanted in their brains at birth, and at the moment of death, one may be lucky enough to discover that your neurid is active. That means you are placed in a sarc and held in suspended animation in the seas of the planet of Bleak, until a cure for your illness has been discovered and you are put up in a public vote. Billions of people from across the system will read your life story, taken from your neurid, and vote on whether you deserve to be cured. Who needs god when moral behaviour is encouraged by social media?

On the planet of Gehenna, the only planet that still worships a god, a hyper-intelligent but socially challenged boy named Alef meets Pellon Hoq, the son of a crime boss whose empire spans the system. Over the course of two decades the friends become the worst of enemies, as Pellon Hoq is driven mad by his own mortality, and Alef seeks to find an answer that will prevent a terrible tragedy.
On the planet of Bleak where the sarcs bob in the endless sea amidst the great rigs that extract the planet’s core, Raisa is working on a story. She is a writer for TruTales, a Song site that sends her all over the system in search of lives to write down. When a lawman she has been interviewing is drawn into a string of murders, Raisa begins to suspect that her AI handler for the site has a plan for her.

At its core, RIG is an SF thriller with two alternating narrative strands that ultimately draw perfectly together. One strand traces the story of two boys bound terribly together, who in time control a vast criminal organisation, while the other explores an apparently insignificant murder that opens into something far greater.

Cheers for stopping by to see what excellent releases Titan Books has headed our way this year. Titan are really pulling out all the stops for 2018 and there are conclusions and continuations aplenty. I am sad to see some series ending but there are some that are just warming up so it is all good. If you are looking forward to any of these books then feel free to let me know how much in the comments section. Stay tuned for reviews of these books in the future!


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  1. Some GREAT books to look forward to!! What amazing covers! (although, we should NEVER judge a book by one… 😉) I’ve been aching to get into that Warlock Holmes series… I REALLY need to do that! Thank you for reminding me. 👍🍻

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