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Quick Reads 2018 @readingagency @Quick_Reads @ed_pr #QuickReads #Giveaway #SpreadingTheWord

Good morning and happy February to everyone! I am taking some time to promote #QuickReads today as I think it is a brilliant initiative that encourages more people to pick up great books. I am always have time to help boost reading opportunities in the UK and the world. The Reading Agency has put together a fantastic project that is in its 12th year that hopes to enable less confident readers to get stuck in to a good book. There are plenty of fantastic authors on this years roster and I even have a copy of Mark Billingham’s Cut Off to giveaway along with this post. Check out the press releases below for more information on #QuickReads and join me at the bottom for info on how you can score yourself a free quick read.




Please share this post if you can on Twitter and Facebook and get the word out about a key reading initiative that may get non-readers in the UK to pick up a book a give it a go. I appreciate all the support everyone gives me on this blog so much and I am hoping that support could be used to help promote #QuickReads which is something I really support myself. Spread the word if you can and thank you again for your time. Now to the giveaway!

To Win A Copy Of

Cut Off By Mark Billingham

Please Share In The Comments The Author Who Got You Into Reading!

I will Announce The Winner On Friday The 10th Of February

Thanks for stopping by to check out a great reading initiative and I hope you get the chance to share this post on social media. As I said before I really appreciate all your support and the opportunity to promote reading to the masses is just too good to pass up. Thanks for getting involved and I wish you all good luck in the giveaway!


19 thoughts on “Quick Reads 2018 @readingagency @Quick_Reads @ed_pr #QuickReads #Giveaway #SpreadingTheWord

  1. Initially Roald Dahl, however during my teenage years I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. Read a lot of classics and si-fi books. Now I love a mystery.

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  2. I remember a school visit from Helen Cresswell that was really exciting and I loved Moondial that was then made in to a kids TV program, that is my earliest book love memory, in my teens it was Point Horror and Stephan King

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