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Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Still Need To Try Out #Literature #TopTenTuesday #Reading #Books

Hello all! Welcome to another #TopTenTuesday here on Always Trust In Books. I have selected authors that I have either come across in reviewing i.e. still have their books sat on my bookshelf ready to be read or have been interested in for a long time but have never had an excuse to pick up one of their books until now. This is a varied selection of authors, a lot of you will be saying things along the lines of ‘Come on Stuart what are you doing with your life, you haven’t read these already?’. I know but I have been busy in all that time. I have made this list to recognise the fact I am slacking on certain authors and this has to change. Enjoy the list and please recommend a good place to start :D.

Top Ten Authors I Still Need To Try Out

Jay Kristoff



I know there are a lot of my fellow bloggers who are putting their heads in their hands right now but I am sorry I just haven’t had the chance to read this series. I am only human! It does look like a phenomenal story and everyone is singing its praises so I will try harder to get involved.

Jo Spain



Another genre busting author who I have yet to enjoy! I really like the look of The Confession. I actually have an ARC copy so I have no excuses really. I hope Jo Spain is as good as I hope she is!

John Gwynne


Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek loves these novels and it has inspired me to give them a go! My local library has all of these in stock so if I go missing for two weeks or more then I am most likely making my way through thousands of pages of fantasy epicness.

Margaret Atwood



Margaret Atwood has always fascinated me. I have actually read her NF title about being a writer (Negotiating With The Dead) but I have not given her fiction a go yet. I have a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale and I have picked it a few times but I want to be focused 100% when I read it.

George R. R. Martin



I have a feeling reading this whole series will take at least a month of constant reading but I want to do it. I feel a book challenge coming on. All the books one after another! I would like to read the novels as I enjoyed the TV adaptation but reading the novels is more immersive and gratifying in my opinion. I hope this happens soon!

Lisa Gardner



Lisa Gardner’s selection of novels look so good. I adore suspense novels that have that extra little bit of character and I have a feeling Gardner will fit this bill. Each story looks thrilling and contrasting in narrative. I might have to go to the library and binge on all of her novels and reconnect with the suspense genre.

Saul Black



These novels look so dark but cool at the same time. Marked as terrifying and immersive, that is my jam! I find it hard to be terrified by books so we will see if Saul Black can defeat me :D.

Jodi Picoult



Jodi Picoult isn’t my usual author type but her novels seem so human and connective that I can’t pass up the opportunity to give one or two a go. I know I am going to cry, there is no point hiding that fact, but hopefully I will be inspired by the stories too.

Blake Crouch


All I hear these days is ‘Blake Crouch this’ and ‘Blake Crouch That’ so yes I am finally going to read one of his novels. I hope they live up to the hype!!!!!

Sarah Lotz



I have started The White Road and I feel it has serious potential to be a fantastic thriller. I had to stop reading for commitment reasons but I am eager to pick it back up and if that goes well then I might have to make my way through Lotz’s works. I love it when authors constantly try to break boundaries and I think Sarah Lotz is a head of the pack.

Thank you for stopping by to check out another enticing #TopTenTuesday here on ATIB. These lists are fun to put together but overwhelming when I think of my TBR afterwards :O. There are authors that slip through our nets constantly and we keep saying we will get to them but we never do. This list is acknowledging that fact and I am hopefully bringing us all one step closer to saying ‘Yes! I will invest time in that author no matter what’ instead of ‘Yeah I hope I get round to it in the next 5 years…’. Enjoy the list and please feel free to recommend an author on this list that you love/adore or dislike/avoid; I would like to know!


24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Still Need To Try Out #Literature #TopTenTuesday #Reading #Books

  1. I’ve only just read Gwynne – A Time of Dread – which I loved. I probably won’t go back and read the earlier series but I’ll definitely continue with that one.
    And I love Sarah Lotz – well, GRRM and Kristoff too. Too many books – but I’d sooner have too many books than too few.
    Lynn 😀

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  2. A fantastic list, and you’ve got some great reads from these authors, ie. Nevernight, Dark Matter & The White Road. Picoult is an author I’m finally going to read, I’m hosting a readalong on Twitter for Small Great Things 😊 and Margaret Atwood is another author I really want to read, I have The Handmaids Tale, I just need to read it now! What a fun post 😊

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  3. The Handmaid’s Tale is a good read, it just grabs you and it’s very sad. I have on book of A Song of Ice and Fire to read I enjoy the series but forget whos who. Fevre Dream is another good book by George R.R.Martin. There’s so many books I want to read. I need to read more YA.

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      1. I know the feeling. I only have time when my works hours are cut which is not good really. I think they may have changed the ending since I read it


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