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TTGB’s Are You A Bad Blogger? #Quiz #BookBlogging #Bookreviews #GoodvsBad

I found this quiz over at The Tattooed Book Geek and I liked the concept so I am giving it a go. I am going to answer the 20 questions set out by Drew and find out if I truly believe I am worthy of a book blog. And have some fun of course. I think I do a decent job reading and sharing books with you all! But it is good to reflect on the highs and lows and get ready for a huge year for books in 2018! To the questions!

Are you a book blogger? Yes

I am. I have been blogging for almost two years now and I can now confidently say that I am feeling like a proper book blogger. There is a lot to learn and finding your voice is a bit of a journey. That said, getting involved with book-blogging is a lot of fun and I get to talk to great authors and other bloggers all the time. Also reviewing upcoming releases is a brilliant privilege. It is a great time to be a book-blogger!

Do you have 100 or more followers? Yes

I do. I am very grateful for the support I get as a blogger.

Do you have 1,000 or more followers? Sort Of…

On WordPress I am close but across my blog and social media I do have quite a few followers. Again, I am seriously grateful to all those people who read and support my blog. They make it totally worth while.

Do you have 10,000 or more followers? No

That is a distant target but I don’t expect to ever reach it. I am a small review blog so I am happy with just having peers who I can interact with and chat about great books.

Do you blog daily? No

I am not that organised unfortunately! I will try and post Mon-Fri where I can but keeping up posting can be straining at times so I do like to take a step back if I am feeling pissed off or stressed out. When the going is good I do post a lot but sometimes I like to just read for me.

Do you read other blogs daily? Yes and No

When possible I will try and peruse all the blogs I follow on WordPress or on social media. I like to try and keep up to date with recent events and new releases. I follow a wide variety of blogs from crime/thriller lovers to fantasy addicts. It is important to get a good dose of other people’s passion for books, especially if your not in the mood to read yourself.

Do you comment on lots of blog posts? No

Another aspect of blogging that I try my best at but sometimes fail miserably. I do comment as often as I can but I feel that is something that I need to be more consistent with in the future. People are kind enough to comment on my posts so making more of an effort is important.

Do you receive ARC’s? Yes

I am lucky enough to be on a lot of publishers radars. From Titan Books, Gollancz and Headline to Simon & Schuster, Bloomsbury and Hodder & Stoughton. I also get plenty of emails direct from authors who want to feature their books on ATIB. I am grateful for all the ARCs I am sent. It is a brilliant perk of being a blogger.

Do you review all your ARC’s before their release date? No

I wish… I try my best but with a regular supply of books coming through my door I am unable to support them all in their time of need. I try and support different authors in different ways if I can. Reviews, interviews, guest posts, extracts or shout outs on social media. If I can’t get a review out I will try to promote the book another way.

Do you use Social Media for your blog? Yes

I use quite a lot of Social Media for ATIB. I mainly use Twitter and Instagram but I do occasionally use Facebook when required. I enjoy the communities on social media and the brilliant support networks that occupy them. They are definitely a resource worth utilising.

Do you participate in memes? No

I don’t unfortunately. I am not a memer. I should probably try harder but I am 0not really fussed by them.

Do you write original content/discussion posts? Yes

I definitely try to create original content like book tags and thoughtful discussion posts. But my blog is mainly focused on reviews and promoting authors so they are few and far between.

Do you have authors on your blog? Yes

I am lucky to have all sorts of authors come by to answer questions and share guest posts with my readers.

Are you a grammar Nazi? No

I have been learning more about grammar and syntax since starting out as a blogger but I am not overly concerned about perfect writing. As long as it flows and makes sense I am happy.

Are you plain, vanilla, boring and bland? No

I am going to say no… It is all dependant on people’s tastes. I review a wide variety of books and feature all sorts of authors. I interact with fantasy readers, thriller lovers, horror fans, non-fiction appreciators and crime fanatics so I find my blog appeals to a wide audience. I am not much of a loud, out there blogger with grand opinions so people may find me boring but I am happy with what my blog represents. I am a book addict and I make it clear that my blog is dedicated to the written word in every way. I have a laugh, take some risks, review what I want to review and interact with some great people so I am proud of my blog.

Are you a follower of the power of positivity and are always positive? Yes and No

I find that a positive outlook is important being a book reviewer. Deadlines and pressure can get in the way of the fun so it is good to keep your head. When it comes to reviewing I think being upbeat and constructive is vital. I don’t just slam a book because I didn’t like it. That said, I have written a few reviews that are less than chirpy so positivity can only get you so far. Everything is not always good but no one flocks to a blog that emanates frustration, boredom or misery.

Do you think that everyone is equal within the book blogger community? Yes

100% yes. We are all in the book game together. Everyone has an opinion but no one is right or wrong. If you let your attitude get in the way of your bookishness then you are doing blogging wrong.

Are you and your blog awesome? Pass

I don’t really have an answer to this question. I don’t read to be awesome but I do try and do a good job celebrating great books. I will leave that decision up to the people who interact with me and my blog. From some of the feedback I get I feel that I do have a certain appeal as a blogger but I also see the waves of meh! that people send my way too. Enjoy the ups and power through the lows!

Do you see yourself as being a pillar of the book blogger community and setting a good example for book bloggers? Yes and No

I have been blogging for almost two years and I have amassed a certain amount of experience I wish I had been informed about when I started ATIB. I am sharing a few of my tips and tricks to those who ask or posting about key book-blogging topics but I don’t see ATIB as a beacon of knowledge. Far from it. I still have a lot to learn πŸ˜€

Thanks for stopping by to check out how I rate on the blogger scale! I am always looking to grow and adapt so it was interesting to have a good look at my time as a reviewer. I am seriously enjoying blogging. Great blog and good people make this a satisfying hobby and I am grateful that I get to share my thoughts and experiences surrounding books with other book lovers. Always Trust In Books is a huge part of my life and it feels good to be on the right track πŸ˜€ Have a great 2018 everyone!


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  1. This is such a great post! I haven’t seen this before and now I really want to answer them. I feel this could help me get motivated to fix things I feel I struggle with blogging. So glad I ended up stumbling upon this.

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