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This Week’s Giveaway – Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes #Giveaway #WeekLongTreat #MurderMystery #Locations #Share ~UK Only~


Welcome to another week-long giveaway here on Always Trust In Books. I have recently read and reviewed Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes (Full Review Here). It was a brilliant read and I thought it was a good idea to give everyone an opportunity to score their own copy of this turbulent, atmospheric and stunning murder-mystery novel. Kate Rhodes is a talent to watch in 2018 and I can’t wait to get stuck into her next novel Ruin Beach later on this year. But for now I am giving you all the chance to win Hell Bay over the coming week. I hope you enjoy taking part in the giveaway and I look forward to reading your answers.

To win a copy of Hell Bay please share in the comments ‘Your favourite murder-mystery setting’.

This can be a setting you have come across in a book or a location you think would be perfect for a thrilling story to take place.

I will announce the winner on Friday the 25th of January. Good Luck!

Thanks for stopping by to take part in another ATIB giveaway. I am hoping to host one each week if possible so if you are enjoying these prizes then please let me know. It is good to pass on great books when I can and Hell Bay was such a cracking read that I had to share it with you all. If these posts go well then I will keep the freebies coming so your support is appreciated. Thanks again and good luck πŸ˜€


32 thoughts on “This Week’s Giveaway – Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes #Giveaway #WeekLongTreat #MurderMystery #Locations #Share ~UK Only~

  1. Not a location per se, but I do love a murder where there are a very limited number of people it could have been e.g. And Then There Were None. But, somewhere remote / private / inaccessible to the masses.

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  2. Every day on the train, I go past a large dense wooded area. I keep looking at it and thinking you could hide a body in there and probably no-one would find it.

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  3. Having grown up reading Agatha Christie I love a mystery set in a secluded house/setting where the murder can only be from a selected few. And Then There Were None being an excellent example with a clever twist.

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  4. Not somewhere secluded and dark, but somewhere open and full of people. It’s fascinating to see how people’s memories contradict each other; a place full of witnesses may not make the crime easier to solve for the auhtorities, in fact it may make it harder.

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  5. I’d like to see someone set a mystery in a sprawling estate mansion with a maze garden with a large group of people present at the scene. Cosy an perplexing, just my kind of murder-mystery!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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  6. I think anything on a very small, low populated island which isn’t easily accessible is quite creepy. I’m thinking of the Lewis trilogy by Peter May which is set on a very remote Scottish island in the Highlands? 😱

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