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The Diary Of A Bookseller *SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY* @ProfileBooks @WigtownBookShop #BookGiveaway #Signed #5starreview UK Only 


Welcome everyone to my first Giveaway in 2018 here on Always Trust In Books! It is a great start to the year as Shaun Bythell has generously given me a fantastic signed copy of his new book The Diary Of A Bookseller. I gave his book a 5 star review in Nov 2018, you can read that review here, and I have seen a lot of love for the book around the book blogging community as well. Writing about being a bookseller in Wigtown, UK (one of the most bookish towns ever), Shaun talks about all the pleasures and pitfalls of book-selling.

It is a purely bookish read and I suggest you get involved with this giveaway to get your hands on a copy! You can take a peek at the book itself on my Instagram page to see how good it looks (don’t forget to follow me while your there!) The rules of this giveaway are simple:

Share a comment on this post telling us all what your favourite bookshop is and why.

The giveaway is open all week and I will announce the winner on Friday 12th of January.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the giveaway and I hope you get a chance to participate and possibly win yourself a signed copy of one of the most bookish books of 2017. Thanks again and see you in the comments! 


51 thoughts on “The Diary Of A Bookseller *SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY* @ProfileBooks @WigtownBookShop #BookGiveaway #Signed #5starreview UK Only 

  1. Sadly there are only really the main big book shops like Waterstones and WH Smiths in Leeds that ive come across. Having had a small business myself i would love to support one if there was one near to me but as i havent yet discovered one Waterstones has to my favourite as there is always a big selection and it is well laid out.

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    1. I’m the same! Waterstones and WHSmith are the only proper bookshops in Southampton and I really don’t like Smiths much! Coffee and books are always an aroma that I love 😍 🎉Apart from the British Heart Foundation for second hand paperbacks, Waterstones is all I have!

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  2. Barter Books in Alnwick understands that second-hand bookshopping is an experinece. People do not just visit second-hand bookshops in search of one title, they go for the pleasure. Set in an old train station, the shop uses this theme with toy trains running around the shelves and a ‘station cafe’. The bartering system is innovative too. Customers can trade old books for credit, which means the stock is updated on a daily basis.

    A trip to Barter Books is a day out, and it is a pleasure.

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  3. There used to be an independent bookshop in Epping that catered really well for children – I used to spend a fortune on my daughters, but sadly it closed. They had a wooden train the children could sit in, too. We migrated to Waterstones in Bishopstortford, which we all loved, and I still do, although the girls are now at uni, so I can browse peacefully by myself 🙂

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  4. Has to be The Strand in New York City…I lost so much time and money there during my life in New York. They’ve got miles of used books and I always found myself going to look for something and leaving with tons of other somethings. I visit every time I’m in the city again. If you’re ever in NYC, you’ve got to visit!

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  5. I did like Books & Beans in Aberdeen when I lived in the city. It was like a wee Aladdin’s cave of brilliance in there, you’d go in looking for a book for uni & come out having bought 8 books on varied topics, got a yummy lunch & coffee downstairs & feel like you’d had a fab day out 😍

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  6. I do order online from Goldboro books and poisoned pen in the US for signed copies.
    I also love my local Waterstones, staff are brilliant 💖📚🤓

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  7. My favourite book shop is Goldsboro Books in London. It is an independent book store and I am a member of their Book of The Month Club. I have always loved books and decided a couple of years ago that I would collect signed first edition books. Goldsboro Books is the home of ‘signed first editions!’ In this way I try (not always successfully) to limit my purchases to signed books and borrow a lot from the library. Clearly as a book lover there are some books ‘I just have to have’ but in the most part this system works for me!

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  8. My favorite bookshop is probably still Smith Family Bookstore in my hometown (Eugene, Oregon). It’s a large, multi-story used book store with two locations, and I spent hours in there growing up browsing the shelves and stacks of books on the floor. We recently visited home over the holidays, and popped in for old times’ sake, and it’s exactly as I remembered it. I hope it never changes. It’s also not nearly as crowded as nearby Powell’s – while larger, Powell’s also feels a little too commercial for my taste. Powell’s is meant to appeal to as many people as possible, while Smith Family requires some time to find the real treasures.

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    1. I wish I had a definitive bookshop I love but I didn’t grow up anywhere near one! The closest bookshop was over a hours drive in the car. Good thing I had a library in the next town over 😁 Thanks for entering


      1. It’s harder now, having moved away (across the country!) as an adult, to find a bookshop I love as much. There are several used bookshops around, but not quite as convenient to get to, and definitely none as large. So none have them have quite replaced Smith Family as my ideal bookshop. I do use the library a lot, though, so it hasn’t been a huge problem for my reading habits. Just for my buying habits. 😉

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  9. My favourite is Mr B’s Emporium Of Reading Delights in Bath. I’ve been so lucky to go there twice now. It’s set out wonderfully, they provide tea/coffee and comfy chairs to read in, the booksellers are amazing and they do reading spas which is the most amazing thing ever and I highly recommend!! 🤗

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  10. In Coventry, we have the Big Comfy Bookshop. A gem of a second-hand bookshop transformed from an old furniture factory. Apart from finding the occasional must-read, it also hosts extremely good acoustic evenings, where you can sit amongst the shelves, with a beer or a coffee, and watch real talent play. At intervals you can recharge your glass and browse the shelves to see what you’re missing. Yep, Big Comfy Bookshop also champions local authors, (has kindly sold some of mine!) does a fine panini, and is an all-round brilliant Coventry bookshop.

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  11. So many great shops to choose from but I think, possibly, Mr. Be Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath. I had a wonderful bibliotherapy session there and found them so knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

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