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Rhyming Rings by David Gemmell (Short Review) @Gollancz #Legendary #Author


Welcome my first short review here on Always Trust In Books. I know most of you are most likely gutted that I am not going to go in-depth like a I usually do 😉 but brevity is also key in the reviewing so I am giving it a go! Wish me luck 😀

Sent to me by Gollancz in exchange for an honest review.

Release Date: 27/07/17

Publisher: Gollancz

ISBN: 978-1473219922

Format: Hardback, 272pp

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Rating: 5/5

Summed up in a word: Legendary

Book Synopsis

A stunning, never before published, supernatural crime novel from the legendary David Gemmell, with a new introduction by Conn Iggulden.

David Gemmell was the UK’s number one fantasy and historical novelist until his death in 2006. A regular Sunday Times bestseller, and international sensation, his legacy lives on through his novels, his influence on the genre, and through the David Gemmell Legend awards.

Rhyming Rings is a never-before-seen Gemmell novel, discovered in his papers by his widow, Stella Gemmell. Merging autobiographical details of Gemmell’s life as a journalist in South London with a serial killer and a tinge of the supernatural, this is perfect for fans of David’s work, as well as readers of gritty crime novels. Set against the backdrop of a London simmering with poverty, change and racial tension, this taut thriller is a fitting legacy for the great writer.

This book includes a brand new introduction from massive Gemmell fan Conn Iggulden, and an afterword by Gemmell’s friend Stan Nicholls.

An ambidextrous killer is murdering women, leaving virtually no evidence behind, and struggling journalist Jeremy Miller wishes he was covering the case. Instead, he’s stuck with heart-warming local stories about paraplegic teenagers and elderly psychic ladies.

So when his stories and the murder case start to converge no one is more surprised than Jeremy.

Or, it turns out, more at risk.

My Review

Unfortunately until I picked up Rhyming Rings I have never heard of David Gemmell. I can certainly tell from both the touching introduction from Conn Iggulden and the meaningful, heartfelt afterword by Stan Nichols that he was a deeply appreciated author. Rhyming Rings is an engaging, semi-autobiographical and thrilling hunt for a vicious serial killer.

Journalist Jeremy Miller is an up-and-coming star with an attitude problem. 24 and talented but thinks he is god’s gift to writing. He wants to be covering the news on the recent string of violent murders but he is trapped doing community feel-good pieces. When he meets Ethel, a psychic who can read possessions, the two stories meet and Jeremy is pulled into a high-stakes investigation that puts him in the crosshairs of a serial killer.

I thought Gemmell’s crime writing was brilliant. I enjoyed the fact that it included nods to his life and his fantasy roots. Rhyming Rings was written in the 80’s, the themes and atmosphere are true to that era, it was a turbulent time and Gemmell acknowledges this frequently. With race riots, loss of sense of community, police racism and the rise of technology all included. But saying this, I felt that Gemmell’s writing had a lot of heart. With a cast of characters from all walks of life, connected by lives that span decades. Rhyming Rings is a classic crime story told from an author who focuses on the bigger picture.

Overall I have given Rhyming Rings 5/5 stars as it is a brilliant novel. It provides the reader with a high-stakes plot surrounding a monstrous serial killer. It has complex themes but the writing is concise. Finally I enjoyed the fact that this is somewhat true to life. Nods to Gemmell’s life and his fantasy writing were fascinating.

Pick up a copy of Rhyming Rings here: Gollancz / Amazon UK / Goodreads

About David Gemmell

David Andrew Gemmell (1948-2006) was the UK’s number one fantasy author, penning more than 30 novels since his writing career began in 1984. The author of the ground-breaking Legend as well as the Drenai novels, the Rigante series, the Troy sequence and the hit Jon Shannow sequence, he is one of the most influential novelists in the genre.


7 thoughts on “Rhyming Rings by David Gemmell (Short Review) @Gollancz #Legendary #Author

  1. This was a fantastic book. It was my first Gemmell, I’d heard of him but had never gotten around to reading his work, still haven’t read any of his fantasy, too many books and not enough time.😞 But Rhyming Rings showed his quality as a writer.

    The review may well be short but it’s as top quality as ever!😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I read this book but haven’t written a review yet. Glad you liked it so much.
    Never read any of Mr Gammell’s work before though I did hear his name in the fantasy circle. The taste I had of his writing quality from this book makes me look for more. The characters felt realistic as did the era projected in the book. Going to write that review now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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