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Stranger Fillings By The Muffin Brothers (Recipe/Extract) @orionbooks #Treats #NonFictionNovember

Good morning! I am changing it up today and providing you with a deliciously horrific recipe for Will’s Slug Surprise.  Thank you to Virginia at Orion for arranging this post, it is great to share something a bit different now and then. Me, my wife and my two boys all love baking, cake and Stranger Things so I am all set to get started on this myself as soon as I can (it looks rather tricky :D). I hope you enjoy this post and have a go at baking this tasty treat yourself. There are many instalments of this series including Baking Bad, Game of Scones and The Walking Bread so get stuck in 😀

About Stranger Fillings

Hilarious edible recipes inspired by the hugely popular Netflix show, STRANGER THINGS.

When a young boy goes missing, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret recipes, supernatural whisking forces and one strange ingredient…

In this 80s-tastic cookbook, the Muffin Brothers bring you an out-of-this-world collection of delicious and disturbing edible treats.

Whip up a psychokinetic storm with recipes such as Elle’s Special Dip, Joyce’s Alphabet Soup, Mike’s Secret Crush and Barb’s Scone Missing.

Each crumb is sure to vanish without a trace.

Pick up a copy of Stranger Fillings here: Orion / Amazon UK / Goodreads

About The Muffin Brothers

After a particularly intense game of Dungeons and Dragons, the Muffin Brothers wandered to the fridge for a late-night snack only to find themselves drawn into a strange netherworld. Here, where salty is sweet and sweet is sour, they battled a host of deliciously abominable treats: from Elle’s Eleven Eggos, to the Upside Down Cake, all the while trying to outwit the hideously moreish DemoGorgon(zola) Tart. Now safely returned home, the brothers spend their time playing less risky games, such as Risk, while periodically regurgitating slug-like creatures. This is their first (and probably last) book.

Recipe For Will’s Slug Surprise

Will slug.png

A meal so good you’re going to want to bring it up, again and again


500g/20oz white chocolate
250g/10oz pink chocolate
1 packet od strawberry or raspberry jelly
A handful of cashew nuts
100g butter, softened
175g icing sugar. sieved
White chocolate buttons
Black food colour
1 packet of gummy worms

You Will Need

Some party balloond
A thick paintbrush

will slug 2.png


Don’t forget to wash your hands before dinner.

Inflate a balloon to the eventual size of your chocolate head.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Set the chocolate aside to cool for a moment before using the brush to paint a layer on the balloon. Leave the chocolate on the balloon to set before repeating the method until you have made a thick chocolate shell around the balloon, except at the knot.

In the meantime, dispose of any excess slugs down the sink hole.

Use a sharp knife to pop and then remove the balloon.

Leave the chocolate shell in the fridge to harden.

In the meantime, follow the instruction in the packet of jelly and leave in the fridge to set.

Melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a simmering pan of water and use the piping bag to pipe on the hair.

Use a little of the melted chocolate to apply the white chocolate buttons and use a paintbrush to apply the black food colour for the eyes.

Use a paintbrush to decorate the gummy worm with food colour.

Use the knife to carefully cut a whole for the mouth and spoon in the jelly followed by a gummy worm.

Now take your seat at the table in the knowledge that you haven’t truly escaped the upside down… try to enjoy your Christmas dinner though.

I hope you enjoyed this change of pace on my blog. I sincerely hope that some of you have a go at this fearsome treat. Pictures are required if you do! I have started watching season 2 of Stranger Things and I am loving it. May have to whip this up myself to have as a snack while I watch the rest of the season! Thanks for stopping by to check out this recipe post and stop by all of this month for plenty of NF madness 😀


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