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5 Reasons I Will Be Doing Non-Fiction November #Bookreviews #Interviews #NonFictionNovember

I am in for an intense November! I am going to take part in the brain onslaught that is Non Fiction November. Taking a break from the gritty crime novels and fantasy epics that I usually indulge in, I am venturing into the information rich genre of NF. I have been seriously neglecting NF, I used to read at least 5 NF books a month before I started reviewing. But I have to admit they are time consuming to read and analyse so I have drifted away from them. I am going to rectify that by committing to a whole month that celebrates the genre. I am both excited and concerned. But here are the 5 reasons I am going to dedicate my time to knowledge and understanding.

I have neglected Non Fiction for too long

I used to read NF 50% of the time before I began blogging. My preference for books has changed dramatically over the last few years but I do miss NF. I need to get back into books about psychology, physics, mental health, popular science, food and the weird and wonderful. I don’t see many non-fiction titles on blogs and I am hoping that me doing Non-Fiction November may entice some fellow bloggers to get involved.

There is a lot to appreciate about the genre

I like to think that NF is read more than it is reviewed. It is a fairly unpopular genre for reviews as you normally have to have a decent understanding of the subject matter to give a meaningful and inviting review. I have set myself up nicely for failure ๐Ÿ˜€ I am going to predominantly focus on the sciences, literature and history. They are my safe zones, so to speak. I love NF because it is all applicable, meaningful and relevant knowledge. I find that reading NF surrounding topics explored in novels gives you that edge to understand and appreciate certain types of books on another level.

As a reviewer it is easier this way

Planning content as a blogger is a daily challenge (as most of you know) and fiction is just easier to focus on, talk about and play around with. Non-Fiction is time consuming and only appeals to a select few readers. I have decided to put aside one whole month to talk about NF as I will be able to plan a whole range of content that will hopefully appeal to a wider audience. I will be in the right mindset knowing that all I have to think about is NF and nothing else. With committing a larger portion of my time and effort, I hope to create a stream of posts that people can dip in and out of. It will hopefully feel less clunky this way.

Opening my mind with knowledge, empathy and understanding

Non-Fiction is an outstanding genre for widening your knowledge and perspective of the world, most people know this. The genre doesn’t appeal as much as it is more work and brain power to contribute over your usual fiction (most of the time). I have come out of reading a huge NF book and my brain actually hurts and my eye-balls are numb. But like with most things, repetition is important so I am hoping that overloading myself with fascination and information will help me fall in love with genre all over again. Or I might go into a knowledge coma…

I rely on NF to help me connect with people and the world. You obviously do get this from fiction as well but sometimes it is nice to get your knowledge straight from its source. There are so many fantastic NF authors coming forward to take part in my posts in November so come on by and check them out.

2017 is a brilliant year for Non Fiction

2017 has been a huge year for Non-Fiction and I have a stack of titles that I want to share with you all. Every year we gather more information about the world around us, the past and our future. I see more and more authors coming forward to help us all connect better as human beings. Especially Naoki Higashida and his eye-opening accounts of what it means to be Autistic. Naoki is just one of many writers that I will be featuring. I have history, food, satire, science, space, psychology, nature and so much more planned, please come by and show your support. I am going to need a month off after this.

Cheers for stopping by to check out my reasons behind doing Non-Fiction November. I appreciate your support and encouragement. It is going to be a lot of work but in the end it is totally worth it. Authors take years to put together books that are there to open our minds so they shouldย be celebrated! I hope you all can tune in to my posts for November, though I will warn you they may cause brain ache… In a good way though!


22 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Will Be Doing Non-Fiction November #Bookreviews #Interviews #NonFictionNovember

      1. Yeah, I am doing a non-fiction appreciation post where I am asking bloggers to share their favourite NF title and a short paragraph of why they love it so much. You could do that if you like. But I am also looking for bloggers to share reviews for recent NF titles too to spread the word. If you finish a NF title and review it, i would love to share your review!

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  1. Great idea! I’ve only read one NF book this year I think (The Fact of a Body, if you want more recommendations :-)) and last week a book based on true events (Blood Moon). I’m reviewing The Tattooist of Auschwitz this year hopefully as well :-). I look forward to your reviews, especially the historical ones ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. This is BRILLIANT. I have actually been diving into some nonfiction books lately. Is there a specific site this started on or is it your idea? I’ll link back to you if I participate, is that okay? ๐Ÿ˜„

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