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The Visitors by Catherine Burns (GIVEAWAY!) @Legend_Press #Blogtour #TheVisitors

Welcome to Legend Press’ The Visitors Blog Tour! I am hosting a GIVEAWAY for my stop. But first, a few details about Catherine and her excellent new debut novel The Visitors. Please check out all the other fantastic blogs taking part in the tour and give them your support.

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Honourable Mentions: The Writing Garnet / BooksFromDuskTillDawn / Chataboutbooks / I Read Novels / BookBum

......11About Catherine Burns

Born in Manchester, Catherine Burns is a graduate of Trinity College Cambridge. She worked as a bond trader in London before studying at the Moscow Institute of Film, and teaching film theory at Salford University. The Visitors is her debut novel.

Catherine’s Media: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Legend Press


Official Synopsis for The Visitors

Marion Zetland lives with her domineering older brother, John in a decaying Georgian townhouse on the edge of a northern seaside resort. A timid spinster in her fifties who still sleeps with teddy bears, Marion does her best to shut out the shocking secret that John keeps in the cellar.

Until, suddenly, John has a heart attack and Marion is forced to go down to the cellar herself and face the gruesome truth that her brother has kept hidden.

As questions are asked and secrets unravel, maybe John isn’t the only one with a dark side.

With the smart suspense of Emma Donoghue’s Room and the atmospheric claustrophobia of Grey Gardens, The Visitors explores the complex truths we are able to keep hidden from ourselves and the twisted realities that can lurk beneath even the most serene of surfaces.

Pick up a copy of The Visitors here: Legend Press / Amazon UK / Goodreads (But enter the giveaway first of course!)

The Visitors Giveaway – Please leave a comment about what you enjoy about the Mystery/Thriller Genres! The winner will be announced on Monday 16th of October 5pm!

Thank you for stopping by to enter an exciting giveaway provided by the incredibly generous and successful Legend Press! They are having a cracking 2017 and I am very grateful to be able to share their releases any way I can. I am eager to get into The Visitors myself very soon. Good luck to you all in the giveaway! 


16 thoughts on “The Visitors by Catherine Burns (GIVEAWAY!) @Legend_Press #Blogtour #TheVisitors

  1. The thing I love about mysteries and thrillers is the surprise. I love not knowing what’s going to happen next. I love trying to figure it out and then being completely shocked. Mysteries and thrillers are my favorite genre. I’m always trying to find new authors that keep me on the edge of my seat.

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  2. I love Crime thrillers and mysteries and what I really look for are unexpected twists that shock me but don’t just come out of nowhere so that you look back through what’s been written and say “now that was very very clever” Hope you enjoy this when you read it-seen some very intriguing reviews! 😊

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  3. I love being scared, it’s also why I am a horror movie fan.
    I have always found books that are thrillers/scary more terrifying than movies! There’s is something about adding your own imagination into it all 😨😱😨😱😨

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  4. I love reading mystery/thriller because I’m interested in learning how devious people and their minds can be. It’s just so amazing how I can escape into a book and follow a protagonist who either investigates something criminal or is the perpetrator of the crime and ‘study’ their actions.

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  5. What I love about thrillers/mysteries almost as much as the shock factor is the often stunning imagery and backdrops used, beautiful coastal hideaway/quiet rural countryside/eerie old manor house! Perfect creepy escapism!

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  6. Just popping in from the Twitter chat about book blogger love!

    I’m not a huge mystery/thriller reader but what I do love about the genre is when you are kept guessing and cannot predict the outcome and/or when there’s a twist coming at you out of nowhere that really throws you!

    Keep spreading the book blogger love and glad I could come and visit your blog!

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