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Daughter of the Midnight Sun – Split Feather by Deborah A. Wolf (Author Interview) @TitanBooks @Bard_Queen


Hello everyone! I have had the amazing opportunity to put some questions to Deborah A, Wolf who is the author of not one but two top-notch fantasy novels in 2017! The Dragon’s Legacy came out in April 2017 and Split Feathers was released on the 12th of this month. I hugely appreciate Deborah taking the time to answer some questions about her new (badass) fantasy series. First I will share a few details about Deborah Wolf and her latest novel, then on to the questions.

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About Deborah A. Wolf

Deborah A. Wolf has some personal knowledge of life as a barbarian warrior, having grown up in a wildlife refuge in Alaska. She later worked as an Arabic linguist for the US Army. Before Wolf’s formative years in Alaska, she spent some of her early years on a deserted island. She has a love of different cultures where she can use those settings to create giant monsters, as well as flora and fauna. Deborah currently lives in northern Michigan.

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Official Synopsis for Daughter of the Midnight Sun – Split Feather by Deborah A. Wolf

Siggy Aleksov sees demons and talks with creatures she knows aren’t really there. Taken from her family as a child, she is dogged by memories of abandonment, abuse, and mental health issues. Siggy suffers from a hot temper, cluster headaches, caffeine addiction, and terminal foul language.

She complicates her life even more when she saves the life of a talented assassin sent to kill her. Deciding to get the hell out of Dodge, Siggy travels to the Alaska bush to find out who she really is. The answer is more fantastic that she could have imagined—and she can imagine a lot.

Pick up a copy of Daughter of the Midnight Sun – Split Feather by Deborah A. Wolf here: Titan Books / Amazon UK / Goodreads

Deborah A. Wolf Q&A

Thank you Deborah for taking the time to answer some questions about your new release Split Feather: Daughter of the Midnight Sun. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you for having me.

I have kind of a patchwork past: I grew up on wildlife refuges and in some of the most beautiful, uninhabited or underinhabited places in America. Most of my childhood was spent in a small village on the Kuskokwim river in Alaska. I’ve been an underwater photographer, an Arabic linguist for the US Army, a reluctant wage slave…but all I ever really wanted to do was write.

Could you give us your own personal overview of Split Feather and what we can expect from the novel?

Split Feather is a fun, gritty contemporary fantasy set partly in the fictional village of Tsone, Alaska. The main character is Siggy Aleksov, a troubled but mostly well-meaning young woman who has to deal with mental illness, a stolen past, demons and demonic humans, and fish head soup.

Where did the original inspiration for Split Feather come from?

Split Feather never would have happened had I not grown up in the bush. The stories, the people, the land are as thick with magic and tradition as the air is thick with mosquitoes.

How long did it take to finish from draft to finished novel?

Split Feather took about three months for me to write; it came out fast and furious and cut close to the bone.

What attracted you to writing fantasy/thriller novels?

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit.” I started reading Tolkien when I was six, and never looked back.

Is Split Feather going to develop into a series or is this a stand alone?

Daughter of the Midnight Sun is going to e a series, and will interact with another series I’ve got planned, Son of the Crescent Moon.

What do you do to wind down from your work/writing?

Between holding down a day job, raising my small daughter, and writing, there is not a lot of down time. But I have a lovely horse, a house full of books, and I like to go fishing. Life is good.

How does it feel to publish a book with Titan Books?

Titan has been very good to me. The whole team, from my Dark Editorial Overlord to the amazing cover art team, is a talented and delightful group of people and I am grateful to get this chance to be part of such a crack team.

What did you do to celebrate finishing Split Feather?

Bought myself a bottle of Glenmorangie and started writing my next book. No rest for the wicked.

I know it is a bit soon, but do you have any other upcoming projects we should know about yet?

I am up before the crack of dawn every day working on The Forbidden City, sequel to my epic fantasy The Dragon’s Legacy, and when this is finished I will begin work on Siggy’s next story.

Have you read a book/article recently that you would recommend to the readers of this Q&A?

Anna Smith Sparks’s ‘The Court of Broken Knives’ and Anna Stephens’s ‘Godblind’ are both wonderful dark fantasy novels which have been released this year. 2017 has turned out to be a stellar year for fantasy debuts.

Thank you all for stopping by to check out one of the most ambitious fantasy authors in 2017. I am excited to read more of Wolf’s work in the future. Let me know if you are a fan of Deborah’s and if you enjoyed the Q&A. Thank you to both Deborah and Lydia at Titan for taking the time to make this post happen. For many more updates in the bookish world, please keep up to date with Always Trust In Books.


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