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Fight Or Die by James Hilton (Guest Post) @AuthorJHilton @TitanBooks #BrothersInArms


Welcome to the Fight Or Die #blogtour hosted by Titan Books. I am kicking off proceedings with a guest post from James Hilton. I thought Brothers In Arms was a brilliant insight into how JH has developed the dynamic between the two brothers, Clay and Danny. JH has worked hard to get craft a relationship between the brothers that contains humour, heart, soul and also thrills. Thank you to Philippa at Titan for giving me a spot on the tour and I hope you enjoy the post. I will share a few details about Hilton and Fight Or Die; then I shall share the guest post with you all. Please check out the other stops on the blog tour; see the poster at the bottom of the page for more information.

Book Synopsis

When the Gunn brothers Danny and Clay answer a call to help old friends, they are plunged into a volatile and potentially deadly situation. Larry and Pamela Duke own one of the most popular nightclubs in the Spanish resort town of Ultima, but a local gang known as the Locos are determined to take it for themselves. Danny and Clay are hired to protect the club, but soon new adversaries enter the game. Against such odds there are only two choices: fight or die…

About James Hilton

James Hilton has written several short stories that have appeared in anthologies both in print and as e-books. A lifelong martial artist, James has studied various arts and is currently ranked as a 4th Dan Blackbelt in Jujitsu and Kempo Karate. He is a frequent visitor to the USA, being particularly fond of all things Floridian and Caribbean. James lives with his wife, Wendy, in the beautiful but rugged north of England. Search and Destroy is his first novel. (Goodreads Bio)

Brothers In Arms

When one thinks of crime fighting duo’s many names may spring to mind; Holmes and Watson, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike, Batman and Robin, Riggs and Murtaugh, Crockett and Tubbs. All popular with readers and viewers, but when asked to name any brothers in the same genres and we may struggle. Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural…Cain and Abel from the bible…erm? One tends to struggle after that.

This was one of my main motivations in the genesis of my characters the Gunn Brothers. Hailing form a family of five brothers, I know better than most that there is no one better to have at your back when the brown stuff hits the fan, than you own flesh and blood.

I wanted to explore the dynamics of the sibling relationship and the lengths they would go to protect each other. Clay and Danny Gunn are both blue collar tough guys yet they do get knocked around quite a bit during their exploits. They have no super powers, no spy gadgets, no Spec Ops or Spook team to call on, no Batcave. What they do possess is tenacity, a strong moral compass and ferocious fighting spirits.

Also as a writer it allows me to stretch their moral choices in new ways each time they encounter danger. Put yourself in their shoes: If a criminal was trying to push a dagger through your brother’s chest would you exercise ‘reasonable force’ and wrestle the attacker down or would you cut him in half with a shotgun blast? Using my own brothers as the acid test I know there is nothing I would not do to keep them safe. It is this fierce loyalty and motivation that I seek to colour my work.

On saying that, the Gunn Brothers are not wanton killers, both choosing the recipients of their wrath with care. If a punch in the jaw is enough to quell the situation ten the punch is thrown without hesitation. If it takes a flame thrower and a rocket launcher, you better clear out of the way.

Humour also plays a big part in my work. I am a long time fan of vintage slapstick humour delivered by the likes of Laurel and Hardy, Chaplin and Harold Lloyd and in fiction I find potentially horrific acts of violence can be made more palatable by the inclusion of humour. Yet it is also important not to trivialise violence either. Violence is crime, and crime has definite consequences!

Both Danny and Clay can be goofs, rattling off mock insults and barbed comments at each other. This is often the way with brothers and also servicemen. Soldiers from one regiment will berate, tease and prank one from a rival regiment without mercy but as soon as they are put back into a live situation they are brothers once more.

As a writer I subject the brothers to all sorts of horror, violence and hardship, that’s my job. Sometimes I will write them into a situation that even I think; how the hell are they getting out of this alive, but the Gunn Brothers are always ready to surprise even me.

Pick up a copy of Fight Or Die here: Titan Books / Amazon UK / Goodreads

Thank you for stopping by to check out another brilliant guest post. I appreciate your support and until next time, happy reading!

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