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Freaky Friday (Q&A) #Weird #Wonderful #Horrible

Hello everyone! I was attempting to form some original ideas and straight away jumped to the weird/disturbing… I doubt this will be a weekly post, I think I will just pull concepts out of the air and put them on my blog for everyone to join in… if they want to.

Today’s theme is the bizarre, the weird and the horrific. I would love for everyone to get involved as I think there will be some brilliant answers to these questions. Just answer the questions, have some fun and leave frightened, confused and worried… Here are 13 questions that address the scarier side of reading :D.

Please feel free to do this post on your own blog, or answer some of the questions in the comment section below.

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the artwork on this post. It is either property of the publisher or I have linked the image back to its source).

Freaky Friday (Q&A)

A book that really shook you up?


Uzumaki by Junji Ito is the freakiest and most skin-crawling book I have ever come across. It is a graphic novel about a town in Japan that gets infested with spirals… It deals with some horrific subject matter and the imagery is completely unique.

A book character that give you the creeps?

So many of the books I read have a horror/bizarre element to them. Most recently I read Relics by Tim Lebbon that was filled to the brim with mythical creatures that were fantastically eerie. I am looking forward to seeing what Tim Lebbon does with them in the next instalment.

Untitled 20

An animal that you fear more than any other?

Jellyfish… *epic cringe* they are, excuse my language, complete bastards…


You feel like you are being watched from a dark room. Do you check out the room or run away?

Well I work on my own late at night in a building in the middle of nowhere, so you would think that I would be okay with dark rooms… Nope, just keep walking and think happy thoughts.

A book that was far too gory for you to finish?

Tenju by Graham Masterton. That book was so heavy and gory. Had to move on!


Clowns. Yes or No?

I included this question as IT is coming out soon and I have just watched the trailer, so good. I don’t mind clowns but I know several people who can’t even look at a picture of them. (I decided against posting a picture of a clown here for the benefit of those who have an aversion to them).

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

I haven’t! But my grandmother had a ghost visit her every day on the same year. My aunt regularly saw an old woman cleaning her mantle piece. My cousin came across a mummified cat that ran off. I don’t currently believe in ghosts but my family have no reason to lie. I am stuck in the middle!

If money was no object, what would your ultimate Halloween costume be?

I love this question. So many options! Could go fully operational dragon costume with actual fire breath… Iron Man suit… Optimus Prime… Swamp Thing… I love the look of the new Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming! So definitely that!


Of all the fictional monsters/entities which would you: fight/befriend/avoid?

I would fight the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. I would befriend Cthulhu (always good to have a guy like that on your side, see below for more details :D). And I would avoid the Babadook (that book is really messed up).


Artwork was found at:ย

What is the most bizarre/odd book you currently own?

I don’t own any wacky/unique books. I have a copy of The Holocaust by Lawrence Rees that I received from Penguin Viking for review. It scares me a little as it is the most in-depth book to date on one of the most horrific events in recent history.

cover.jpg.rendition.460.707 (4)

Favourite scary movie?

I still really love The Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon. It is not a top notch horror movie but it is the first one I really watched (other than the first 5 mins of Scream) and it has always stuck with me.

A book you read after finishing a particularly disturbing novel to cheer you up?

I don’t really have a go to novel that I pick up when I need a break. I usually just sort through my TBR for a comedy or action, something uncomplicated and whimsical if possible. Gotta love the whimsical books. My recommendation would probably be The Vinyl Detective as it is great fun and easy to read.

Untitled 1_1

Most bizarre/weird/creepy cover art you have ever come across?

I have said it before and I will say it again, Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black series has exceptional artwork that is edging on bizarre. I don’t really have money to buy books with brilliantly elaborate artwork, but if I did I would buy so many! I will share a great horror cover that I found while doing some research for this post. It is a piece by Nikita Kaun (the original post is here).



Thank you for stopping by to spend some time with the creepier side of things. I had a lot of fun with this post and I look forward to thinking up some bigger and better ones in the future. I hope that you will take the time to do this post on your own blog or at least answer some of the questions in the comments so I can revel in your brilliant answers. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoyed!


12 thoughts on “Freaky Friday (Q&A) #Weird #Wonderful #Horrible

  1. I love this post and will deffo save the url to do it on my blog at some point. I love all things dark and creepy so this is right up my street lol! Uzumaki is so disturbing, I’m halfway through and it’s totally getting under my skin… eugh. That Shining poster is amazing! ๐Ÿ˜›

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